Jeff Goes To Space: Bezos Launches Into The Billionaire Space Game

Jeff Bezos has officially joined the billionaires race to space, after a successful mission from earth, to space, and back to earth once again. The billionaire business mogul may have been second to Richard Branson in order of participation in this out-of-this-world journey, but he has definitely made history and set records in ways that nobody before him has ever done. With careful consideration at each step, Bezos made sure his name made history in more ways than one with this successful space travel mission. TMZ reported on his successful launch to space, and offered fans a live stream to ensure the world could tune in to observe this milestone moment.

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Jeff Bezos has made history in more ways than first meets the eye.

This clever businessman has just taken space tourism to the next level by flying the first paying citizen to space alongside him. He has also just taken passengers that meet the historic criteria of being the oldest, and the youngest people to have ever launched from earth to space, making him a trendsetter through every aspect of his space travels.

To top that off, this is the very first time in history that this voyage takes place as an unpiloted one, and the very first time that humans enter his spacecraft and launch into space.

The spacecraft that took Bezos on the wildest adventure of his life happened to be made by the Amazon founder’s very own space company, called Blue Origin. The New Shepard capsule proved itself, as did Bezos, who just knocked a very personal challenge off his very own bucket list.

It was all smiles and celebrations for Bezos, after Global News reports he was “in flight for 10 minutes and 20 seconds, flying 107 kilometres above the Earth’s surface. Bezos’ trip comes nine days after Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson flew to about 85 km in the air aboard a rocket ship he helped fund.”

There has been a huge shift in space travel as of late, with the lucrative outcome of passenger space travel dangling swiftly above the heads of these billionaire competitors. With each of them attempting to break into the market of consumer/passenger space travel, Bezos has crisply indicated his desire to send the first of two more passenger flights later this year. He’s aiming for September and October.

In spite of being his head to head competitor, Richard Branson showed his support of Bezos with a nod of encouragement on social media.

2021 has already proven to be a monumental year for the world of space travel, and there is so much yet to come.

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