Jersey Shore Recap: Angelina and JWoww FINALLY Hash Out Wedding Speech Beef

JWoww accuses Angelina of “irreversible damage” during session with Dr. Drew that almost goes completely off the rails … before Lauren and Mike get life-changing news.

It was a night of new beginnings on “Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” as Angelina Pivarnick and Jenni “JWoww” Farley finally turned a page in their longstanding feud … and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino learned something that will change his life forever.

Let’s start with the Angelina-JWoww mess, which has dominated the show ever since Jenni, Deena and Snooki gave their disastrous wedding speech last season. While Deena and Angelina already hashed things out, Jenni was hesitant to give Pivarnick another chance — prompting the guys to recruit Dr. Drew Pinksy to help mediate the situation.

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Before Angelina joined them, the rest of the cast talked with Pinsky, who asked Jenni what their costar could do to “make amends.”

“I’m not telling her to fix anything. She can be who she needs to be, I just don’t want to be part of it,” said Jenni. “It’s like shame on me if I allow that back into my life. She doesn’t affect me whatsoever now.”

After some minor drama involving Deena’s texts with Jenni accidentally getting exposed on the show, Jenni apologized for saying anything that put Cortese in an awkward position. Then it was time to call Angelina down to the suite, where Drew asked her to lay out her side of things.

“At the wedding, I did not know that speech was coming,” she explained. “It hurt me a lot. It hurt my husband a lot. It obviously hurt all the guests that were there.”

Drew said everyone agreed the speech went off the rails and “no one feels good about that,” but added he felt like she was “hanging onto resentment” after they’d apologized. He then brought up Jenni’s concerns regarding social media — as Angelina started to like and respond to a few mean comments about the other girls on Twitter after the speech leaked online.

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“I think the big concern is, before the advent of social media, s— would go down here and it would just stay here. Social media has been weaponized, people get hurt,” said Drew. “Jenni expressed to me that things have happened as a result of you on social media that have really hurt her so badly that she’s fearful now.”

“She was going on me on social media too. I’m not like that, she shouldn’t be scared of me at all,” Angelina replied.

“When you go to social media, you caused damage, irreversible damage and I feel like you felt good and justified and just and having the audio leak and thriving in our demise,” Jenni shot back. “When we were trying to get a hold of you and begging to make it stop, you turned your phone off. You had a fire extinguisher in one hand and gasoline in the other and you decided to light the girls on fire and that makes me fearful.”

Angelina continued to say everyone was going in on each other at the time and wondered why she was the only one having fingers pointed her way. She also said she never used social media as a weapon, a comment with which Jenni strongly disagreed.

“Everybody was going in on each other on social media, nobody’s right here,” said an aggravated Pivarnick, before asking Drew, “What is the point of this?”

She went on to claim that when she said she wanted a “re-do” of her wedding on social media, that wasn’t meant as a dig at her costars. Jenni wasn’t buying that either and told her that, in the future, if she has a problem with anyone in the cast, she should go to them first — and not put it on Twitter for the world to see.

“If I say that I’m never gonna go on social media and say anything, I want the same respect,” she replied. Jenni was on board, saying it wasn’t in her “nature” to instigate anything online.

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Dr. Drew then asked Angelina to talk more about her pain, not her anger, when it comes to the rest of the group. She explained that, because she left and then returned to the show, she feels like “the black sheep of the family.” She added that Deena acts differently around her whenever Jenni’s around, with Deena saying that’s only because she’s known her longer.

Overall, Angelina said she felt like she was still in an “initiation phase” with the cast.

“I don’t ever want you to feel that you’re not worthy,” Jenni told her. “I’ll always move forward for the sake of them. It’s just hard.”

“I honestly don’t want to keep fighting with you. It’s a lot on my mental, your mental, everyone’s mental, it’s too much,” Angelina replied. “We’re gonna agree to disagree a lot, that’s just our personalities and I get that. I want this done.”

In confessionals, Angelina said the whole conversation was the “perfect first step” in mending their relationship, while Jenni said she’d always be “apprehensive” of her costar — but felt “better” overall. Pivarnick also said she felt like a giant weight had been lifted.

Following the ceasefire, the guys decided they wanted to give Angelina a wedding “redo” … in their “style.” Telling her they hoped it would be both “ridiculous” and “funny,” Pivarnick said she was down — while Jenni and Deena joked they’d only be attending as guests, sitting in the back row.

As if all that wasn’t enough good news for the gang, the hour ended with a life-changing moment for Mike and Lauren. After experiencing a miscarriage and struggling with fertility, Lauren took a pregnancy test and found out the two were expecting. They both broke down in tears when they saw the positive test.

“It’s all happy tears, it’s all a good thing,” Lauren said in an emotional confessional. “We’re just so happy to be here experiencing this together. We’ve just waited and prayed so long for this. We’re really lucky.”

“I have a really awesome comeback story, I do,” Mike, crying as well, said in his own confessional. “The last couple years haven’t been easy, but I wouldn’t change a thing because it has made me into the man I am. I think I’ll be an amazing dad.”

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation” airs Thursdays on MTV.

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