Just ONE in 1,000 Brits have been admitted to hospital with Omicron Covid variant so far

JUST one in 1,000 Brits have been admitted to hospital with the Omicron Covid variant so far, latest figures show.

A total of 85 people in England had been taken to hospital with the strain as of December 17 – a rise of 20 people on the day before.

Yesterday, a further 90,418 daily Covid cases were reported — with Omicron cases up another 10,059 to 24,968 in total.

Of those, 23,168 Omicron infections were recorded in England.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) is also recording the number of people likely infected with the variant – as it's feared some may have it without realising.

These figures jumped by roughly 23,000 to just under 77,000 yesterday.

It means the number of cases identified by Government labs is likely to be approaching six figures – but hospitalisations remain relatively low.

This morning Health Secretary Sajid Javid stressed the number of people in hospital with Covid tends to lag after positive results, with experts warning it takes around 17 days for serious illness to develop after infection.

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The Sun is urging readers to sign up to the Jabs Army campaign to make the rollout as smooth and fast as possible.

A booster shot is the best protection against Omicron, with early data suggesting it pushes efficacy back up to 75 per cent.

Dr Jenny Harries, UKHSA Chief Executive said: “Once again, we urge everyone who is able to get a booster jab to come forward and do so. It is the best defence we have against this highly transmissible new variant."

Asked on the BBC's Andrew Marr Show about the number of Omicron patients so far, Mr Javid admitted the figures are relatively "low" in the context of hospital beds.

But he insisted the number is expected to rise as infections go up.

"Anyone in hospital today they were typically infected 17 days ago," Mr Javid said.

"17 days ago Omicron infections were about one per cent of all cases.

17 days ago Omicron infections were about one per cent of all cases. Today they are about 60% of all cases. So I think from that you can deduce that hospitalisations will almost certainly rise.

"Today they are about 60% of all cases. So I think from that you can deduce that hospitalisations will almost certainly rise.”

Yesterday in the UK, 900 people were admitted to hospital with Covid, only slightly higher than the 865 daily average for the past seven days.

There were 125 Covid-related deaths, just above the 112 daily average for the past week.

In total, so far seven people have died with the Omicron variant.

It comes as the British Medical Association warned as many as 50,000 staff could be struck down with Covid and forced to self-isolate by Christmas Day.

BMA Council Chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: “We’re already seeing services being affected by staff absences, and these estimates show it could get far, far worse.“

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Ministers have also been warned that hospital admissions could reach 3,000 a day without further restrictions.

A major incident was declared in London where mayor Sadiq Khan said he was “incredibly concerned” by infection levels.

Meanwhile, papers from a Sage meeting on Thursday claimed the number of hospitalisations could be “one tenth of the true figure”.

The science body advisers have recommended returning to measures from earlier this year including banning indoor mixing — seen as the biggest risk of virus spread.

England was last night warned it faced an abrupt Covid crackdown after Boxing Day under new plans being drawn up in Whitehall.

And today Sajid Javid warned there were "no guarantees" the Government would not enforce further measures before Christmas.

It comes as Britain is on the verge of a million vaccinations a day as centres open at stadiums and racecourses.

More than 800,000 jabs were recorded yesterday.

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