Kate Middleton and Prince William’s body language as ‘intense as early days of marriage’

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Kate Middleton and Prince William first locked eyes at the University of St Andrews nearly 20 years ago. In November 2010, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced their engagement.

The following Spring, they tied the knot in a lavish royal wedding which took place at Westminster Abbey.

Kate and Prince William have three children together, Prince George, seven, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis, two.

As they both have senior working roles, the Cambridges will regularly step out for joint engagements.

During these, body language expert Judi James explained the clues that could reveal more about their relationship.

The expert suggested their recent outings have shown their genuine friendship.

“Kate looks authentically happy and even healthy,” Judi told Express.co.uk.

“She is laughing in what appears to be delight and often sharing moments of affection and humour with William that suggest a relaxed friendship and affection.”

While the pair do not always show a lot of public affection, Judi suggested their relationship has not really changed since they first wed.

The expert continued: “William and Kate have always defined the depth of their rapport and like-minded intimacy as a couple via their body language echoing.

“Their subconscious mirroring is as intense as it was in the early days of their marriage, showing a like-minded approach and sense of purpose.

“Their ‘pinging’ smiles and laughter suggest they feed off one another in terms of both support and fun.”

While their relationship appears to have stayed the same, Kate’s body language suggests she has been through her own transformation.

When the royals do carry out royal duties together, the mother-of-three has grown in confidence.

“The couple’s body language does seem to define them as a true royal power couple,” the expert said.

“As we saw Kate grow from an ordinary, non-royal girl to future queen the sense of approachability has always been implied.

“Kate seems to have moved out of the ‘royal wife’ role and looked happier appearing as an individual appearing as herself.

“Kate’s confidence signals have grown since the birth of Louis.

“Now she appears to be slightly in the lead, taking cheers from crowds in her own right.”

The expert concluded Kate seems as comfortable stepping out by herself as with Prince William.

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