Kim Kardashian Slammed For Using Daughter North For A Profit Online While Touring Japan

While Kim Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, has previously faced allegations of commercializing her family, Kim is now confronting similar claims. Criticism is arising as she is being accused of capitalizing on her daughter North for financial gain.

Throughout her recent journey to Tokyo, Kim’s Instagram was predominantly centered around posts featuring her eldest daughter, North. Observant followers were quick to notice the absence of her other three children – Saint, Chicago, and Psalm.

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This observation triggered questions regarding the reason behind this imbalance, prompting online conversations about the possible exploitation of North’s image for monetary gain.

This even led to a discussion on Reddit, where a user voiced a sentiment shared by many, asking, “What about her other children?” The prevailing sentiment seemed to revolve around the idea that North was being prominently featured while her siblings were seemingly pushed to the sidelines.

“North is the oldest girl of Kim’s children, which makes her able to be… profitable now, hence why she posts her so much,” one telling comment wrote. “She is trying to get a head start on marketing North’s ‘brand’ while she is still young…”

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Given reports suggesting that Kim can earn as much as $1 million for a single sponsored post, it’s evident that she has the potential to amass significant earnings through social media. However, at present, the reality star has not provided an explanation for the discrepancy in her social media presence between her daughter North and her other children.

Then again, Kim doesn’t need to use her children for monetary gain, given how much she makes on her own. Despite only launching in 2019, her clothing brand SKIMS has already reached a $4 billion valuation earlier this year.

“It has grown quickly, and we’re so proud of that,” Kim said of the accomplishment. “We’ve had a really good flow of product launches.”

Kim introduced the shapewear brand in 2019, which has since broadened its offerings to encompass a range of attire, including swimsuits and loungewear. SKIMS has future plans to venture into men’s clothing during the upcoming fall season.

The increasing value of SKIMS is evident, and this isn’t solely due to product line expansion. Just recently, SKIMS officially announced the opening of its inaugural flagship store in the United States earlier this month.

The company is currently making preparations to inaugurate a physical retail location in Los Angeles, scheduled for the start of 2024.

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