Kourtney Kardashian says this non-surgical treatment made fans think she had a brow lift

It’s not possible, but the Kardashian sisters seem to be getting younger and younger with every year. 42-year-old Kourtney Kardashian, for example, barely looks like she’s aged a day since her early twenties. We’ve been wondering what magic skin treatments she uses to keep her complexion looking so lifted and youthful, and now we have to wonder no more.

In a new Instagram Story, Kourt explains that she’s been having The Beauty Sandwich – a treatment pioneered by LA-based celebrity facialist Iván Pol, who also counts the likes of Brie Larsen, Cara Delevigne, Lizzo, Salma Hayek and Renée Zellweger as clients.

“Hey guys, I'm doing some Beauty Sandwich. So, for all of you who thought I got an eyebrow lift on my recent instagram video, it’s actually this – look it up!” Kourt says in the video showing Iván performing the treatment.

If you’re wondering what The Beauty Sandwich is, it’s a facial that uses advanced radiofrequency technology to define, sharpen, and elevate the appearance of facial contours – hence why Kourt’s complexion looks so lifted. Though it boasts long-term benefits from one treatment, which costs around $500, most clients will return for regular sessions to maintain the results.

Kourt’s treatment comes shortly after her sister Kim Kardashian revealed she’s turning to a new form of radiofrequency microneedling for help with another complexion concern: pigmentation.

Talking to her 247 million Instagram followers, Kim admits to suffering from “dark spots and sun spots”, and is hoping that a series of Potenza laser sessions will reduce the appearance of them.

“Hey guys, so I’m here with Dr Ghavami and we have been doing a series of Potenza laser on my face. I’m so excited because I really do have sun spots and dark spots and it takes them all away,” she says, showing herself at the clinic.

The Potenza treatment is meant to target imperfections like discolouration and sun spots on the skin, and tighten and firm the complexion. It does this with tiny needles that puncture the top layer of the skin, stimulating the body’s natural healing process. The radiofrequency energy then stimulates collagen and elastin production with repeat sessions.

Who knew there were so many non-surgical possibilities, eh?

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