Lisa Vanderpump ‘Stressed’ After ‘Uncomfortable’ Run-In With Former BFF Kyle Richards

BFFs turned frenemies Lisa Vanderpump & Kyle Richards had an awkward run-in in Los Angeles & HollywoodLife was EXCLUSIVELY told just how Lisa felt after the fact.

As the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills PuppyGate drama continued to spiral, Lisa Vanderpump, 58, admitted she actually ran into her former friend, Kyle Richards, 50, by chance. Now, HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned about the toll the surprise encounter took on Lisa. “Lisa was very stressed after seeing Kyle as it was not expected and caught her off guard. It was quite brief,” the insider explained. “It rehashed so many feelings for her and caused her a lot of stress afterwards. It wasn’t filmed as production isn’t happening right now, anyways. She misses her friend deep down, but she’s so hurt as she feels Kyle really turned her back on her. She wishes Kyle would apologize for that and she could move on, but it doesn’t seem that’ll be happening.” HollywoodLife has reached out to reps of both reality stars for comment.

So, what exactly went down during the chance encounter? Our source revealed that the run-in took place “in Beverly Hills at a store,” and and that “it wasn’t filmed and it wasn’t planned,” which contributed to Lisa being entirely thrown off. “It was an at the same place at the same time thing which is why she was so stressed and caught off guard.”

Kyle has since spoken out about the out-of-the-blue counter when chatting with Us Weekly. “I haven’t seen her for eight months. And I was just like, I said, ‘Hi, Lisa.’ She turned around, and she looked like she saw a ghost. She took a double take, and she said, ‘Oh, my God. Wow.,” Kyle recalled of the run-in.

The revelation comes after Kyle Richards spoke out in a new interview to try to set the record straight about the PuppyGate drama, which only escalated when the Housewives accused Lisa of selling a story to Radar Online.  The reality star revealed that she did indeed reach out to Lisa to extend an olive branch. “Yes, because her birthday was like two or three days later,” Kyle said on E!’s Just the Sip with Justin Sylvester. “So, I sent her a text saying, ‘I’m sorry that all this happened and I hope you have a beautiful birthday.” However, Kyle claims that it’s been nothing but crickets from Lisa despite her attempt.

RHOBH fans will know that Lisa and Kyle went at it over PuppyGate during an episode of the hit bravo show in early April. The two, who had been close friends for years, argued inside Lisa’s mansion over whether or not Lisa had played a part in leaking PuppyGate to the press.

We previously reported why Lisa felt so betrayed by her former pal that she went as far to block her number. A source close to Lisa EXCLUSIVELY told HL why she cut ties with her co-star. “Lisa truly feels out of all the ladies on RHOBH that Kyle betrayed her the most because she essentially called her a liar in her own home, making her feel incredibly disrespected. Lisa loves Kyle and the friendship they had and felt she‘s always stood by her, however, Lisa felt that the way she came into her home and accused her of lying to their friends was so hurtful which is the ultimate reason why she stopped speaking to her,” the source explained.

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