Little-known driving rule could see motorists hit with fines on Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is the biggest fireworks celebration of the year.

It's a time to get together and watch an explosive display. But for drivers, it's crucial to be cautious as there's a little-known rule many aren't aware of.

Now motoring experts at revealed the crucial rule road users must avoid to not receive a hefty fine this November.

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Ash Young, founder of the company, warned: "If you're caught transporting fireworks in excess of 50kg, it could lead to a hefty £300 fine and six penalty points on your licence."

As Bonfire Night falls on November 5, many Brits would plan a fireworks display at home or out. While most consider the impact on neighbours and pets, it's worth thinking about your vehicle risks too.

Ash added: "It's against the law for people in the UK to transport more than 50kg of fireworks unless they hold a valid licence to do so.

"It's also important to check with your provider that your car insurance isn't invalidated if you travel with fireworks in your car."

What other issues are there when driving with fireworks? also warned of the other risks of transporting fireworks and how to stay safe:

1. Transport them in spark resistant containers

Some boxes of fireworks will already be packed into spark resistant boxes, but loose fireworks won't. Therefore, it's important to put these lidded, plastic container.

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2. Don't smoke

When you're transporting fireworks in your car, avoid lighting up a cigarette at the wheel.

3. Don't leave them in the car overnight

If it rains overnight, the inside of your car could become damp, meaning the fireworks become more susceptible to becoming volatile and leaking explosive material.

4. Keep them away from anything combustible in the car

Fireworks in your car should be completely clear of any combustible materials, and should never be stored with items that could easily catch on fire.

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