Man finds out Tinder date is catfish who took profile picture 25 years ago

A man went viral for sharing his first date fail – after realising he got catfished by an old woman on Tinder.

Paul Jones, from Wales, thought he had found a woman who was girlfriend potential.

But when he drove half an hour to meet up with her, he was sorely disappointed.

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Sharing his hilarious dating story on TikTok, the singleton detailed: "She sent me her address and I went up there and knocked the door.

"Her mother answered and I said 'Oh hello I'm here to see Sarah' and she said 'yeah, come in'.

"She talked to me downstairs for 10 minutes and I asked 'is Sarah coming down then?' and she said 'I am Sarah'.

"Oh I just got catfished by an old person."

When Paul questioned Sarah on her profile picture, she told him "it was taken 25 years ago".

He was also unimpressed to learn his date was a retired pensioner – but decided to make the most of his evening.

The pair ended up going to a social club for bingo with a maximum win of £20.

"I sat down with her and her friends, all old. I felt like a child that's been taken out by a grandmother," Paul continued.

"Then we went back and she asked me if I wanted to come here for coffee and I said 'you know what love, I don't really feel like coffee today' and she was like 'I don't really mean coffee'.

"She then said 'Oh you see me more as a friend'… yeah I see you more like a f***ing mother-in-law love, that's what I see you, not that the person I'm dating, but the person's mother!"

When Paul went back home, he took another look at the woman's profile picture again.

"I wish I looked in more details because she was standing in front of Woolworths, which closed down in like 2009! Why didn't I pick this up?!" he added.

Despite having a first date fail, Paul was praised for being a gentleman and going to bingo with Sarah and her pals.

"I must say you were polite to stick around!" one said and another wrote: "The fact that you still took her out was a lovely thing to do, proud of you!"


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