Man saves girlfriend from ‘choking to death’ on Sainsbury’s chicken goujon bone

A terrified man has told of how his girlfriend "turned purple" after she almost swallowed a bone the size of "a ping pong ball" while eating a chicken goujon.

Adam Stennett, 24, quickly sprung into action as Polly Leverett, 23, began struggling to breath and the veins in her neck started to "bulge out."

After frantically hitting her back for a "good minute" the bone came flying out her mouth "like a missile" and hit a picture on the other side of the room.

The couple had bought the breaded chicken goujons from Sainsbury's for their dinner – and while the packaging said every precaution is made to remove bones, Adam said he wasn't expecting "bones large enough to choke you."

"It was Friday and we sat down to eat," he told Nottinghamshire Live.

"From next to me I could hear choking. Her face was turning purple and the veins in her neck were bulging out.

"I hit her in the back and nothing happened, then I hit her in the back again and nothing happened.

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