Man tries cleaning wife’s make-up brushes in dishwasher and ends up ruining them

A man trying to help out his wife's cleaning chores almost instantly regretted it when he put the makeup brushes to wash.

Kevin Kane, from the US, explained on TikTok that his wife had been "complaining about having to clean her makeup brushes" and he decided to give her a sweet surprise while she was at work.

In the video viewed more than 3.6 million times, Kevin ditches the usual method to remove the makeup from the brushes by hand and instead, places his wife's impressive collection of makeup brushes into a cutlery basket before putting them inside a dishwasher for a quick spin.

As soon as he opens the dishwasher, he realises he has made a huge mistake

Some big chunks of bristles fall out from the brush heads and are left stuck on the dishwasher door.

He wrote in the video: "What a horrible mistake!

"Guys, how do I fix this in the next 20 minutes?"

The Morphe brand makeup brushes that Kevin's wife had bought are not cheap as a collection of 20 of them could cost nearly £60.

Some viewers revealed that the cost of her wife's makeup brush collection could be close to $1,000 (£730) and they wished him luck explaining the huge fail.

One said: "Y'all think those brushes are worth only a 500 Sephora gift card. Notice how they're all from different brands, they are expensive as hell."

Another wrote: "Definitely closer to $1,000. They are all premium I noticed. It's a lifetime collection and some premium care."

Luckily, a woman lent a helping hand to poor Kevin. She wrote: "Oh my God, send me her information, I will send her new brushes from our company LiveGlam."

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