Meat-lover shows off his favourite recipe for steak

How to cook the perfect steak: Meat-lover shows off his go-to recipe for the perfect fillet – and the secret to getting the ultimate crispy crust

  • An American cook has revealed how to cook the best ‘prime steak’ ever
  • He confits the steak – cooking it at 50C for 45 minutes before searing it
  • The steak is cooked in a bath of olive oil with a handful of garlic and rosemary

A meat-lover has revealed the perfect way to cook a steak – and the secret is to cook it low and slow in the oven before browning the edges in a pan.

The home cook, Mike Elender, who posts on TikTok as MeatlikeMike, places a piece of steak in an oven-proof dish, adds a handful of garlic cloves and  two sprigs of rosemary before covering it with oil.

He then puts it in the oven at about 100C for 45 minutes, or until it reaches an internal temperature of 50C.

The home cook, Mike Elender, who posts on TikTok and Instagram as MeatlikeMike, recently shared a steak video which went viral

The steak is cooked medium rare to medium – and has divided his fans

The American then pulls the steak out of the oven, sears it in a pan for 30 seconds each side, and also on the fat on the side.

‘You will get an amazing crust out of this,’ he said. 

He then cuts the steak into strips, showing off the pink centre and adds a sprinkle of salt.

His face melts as he takes a bite of the delicious-looking piece of meat – and others appeared to be on board with the low and slow method because the video got over 3.5million views.

Thousands of meat-lovers commented on the educational video, expressing their delight in the finished meal.

‘This looks amazing, I am trying it,’ one person said.

But some people weren’t impressed with the dish and said it was ‘under cooked’.

The steak was cooked in a bath of olive oil, with a handful of garlic and some rosemary

The cook then seared it on either side for 30 seconds before serving

 ‘That’s one raw steak. I don’t care I eat my steak medium rare but that didn’t cook long enough,’ one man said.

The cook said the method would make a well-don steak ‘good’ before adding a laughing emoji.

These people soon copped flack from people who like their steak to be pink in the middle.

‘The people saying it isn’t done shake the whole table when they curt their steak,’ one man said.

He served by slicing the steak into strips before adding some salt to season

His face melted as he tasted the meat for the first time 

‘Grow up and enjoy steak that isn’t leather,’ another said. 

‘To the people saying it isn’t done, I think it is overdone,’ said another. 

Others had issues with the home cook ‘using a whole bottle of oil for one steak’.    

The American’s steak went viral in some Australian ‘low and slow’ Facebook pages.

‘I’ve never had one of those fancy steaks but will have to try one before I die,’ one of the meat-lovers said. 

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