Meet Josh Popper: Madonnas New Boxer Boyfriend

The Queen Of Pop, Madonna, took to Instagram to confirm her link-up with boxer Josh Popper.

Madonna has taken the world by surprise after announcing her relationship with 29-year-old boxer Josh Popper. The couple was seen sharing a steamy kiss in Madonna’s Instagram story. Josh Popper is reportedly a boxing coach who trains one of Madonna’s children and is also a former NFL player, social media influencer, and entrepreneur. Popper is the founder and coach of Breadwinners Boxing Studio.

Since his link-up with Madonna, Josh has been in the limelight, and fans have been gazing to know more about him. So, here is a closer look at Madonna’s rumored beau and boxer, Josh Popper.

A Footballer Turned Boxer

Josh Popper was born on 24th September 1993 in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, in a well-to-do family to Michael Popper Sr. and Vanita Allen, an entrepreneur. He is based in New York and is a boxer, social media influencer, entrepreneur, and ex-National Football League player. He runs his boxing studio cum gym called Bread Runners and provides training to people of varied skill sets.

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Before venturing into boxing, Josh Popper was a professional football player. He completed his schooling at the Holy Spirit High School and graduated from Rowan University in New Jersey. Josh started his football career during his college days playing as a defensive lineman. After graduating, he became an NFL athlete playing in camps of renowned teams like the Cardinals and the Colts, as reported by Hollywood Life. He never got an NFL game but was regularly featured in the camps.

Josh’s Television Career

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Despite being in NFL camps for a long time, Josh Popper did not get to play a single game, so he eventually ventured into boxing. It is unknown when he started boxing, but he started flaunting his boxing skills through his Instagram in 2019. As seen in his LinkedIn profile, he also worked as an insurance salesman for New York Life Insurance. Finally, in February 2021, he ventured into entrepreneurship and laid the foundation of his boxing studio, Breadwinner, where he trained boxing aspirants with diverse skill sets.

Before making headlines with Madonna, Josh Popper appeared in the latest season of Bravo American hit reality TV series, Summer House, in 2021, as per Harper’s Bazaar. The show is based on nine singles living in a holiday house in Montauk, East Hampton. So in some way, Josh Popper had a little fame even before her link-up with the OG Pop Queen.

How Popper Met Madonna

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It is unclear how Madonna and Josh Popper met, but it has been hugely speculated that the couple met after one of Madonna’s children started training under Josh. As mentioned in First Post, the couple first drew attention when they were spotted training together in a New York gym. More rumors started flying in February 2023 when Josh Popper shared after-game pictures of him posing closely with Madonna on Instagram.

Since then, Madonna has been seen cheering for Josh in several of his fights, including his recent southpaw’s fight at Manhattan’s Classic Car Club, as reported by Page Six. Madonna uploaded pictures from the fight on her Instagram and finally went all out after she posted a series of her photos in her Instagram story, which included a photo of her kissing his rumored beau Josh Popper, thus putting an end to all speculations.

Madonna’s Instagram story disappeared after 24 Hours, but the shockwaves created are still trending everywhere. Madonna and Josh Popper instantly became the talk of the town for their unexpected link-up and a staggering 35-year age gap. Yet the seemingly unconventional couple is unbothered by the speculations and gossip. Madonna was previously linked with 23 yo model Andrew Darnell before she started dating Josh Popper.

Josh Popper started as an aspiring football player, and despite getting into the NFL camps, he could not play in any game. But instead of losing hope, he kept hustling and became a successful boxer and coach with a net worth of $1.5 Million. He continues to train young boxers at his Boxing Studio, Breadwinner. Josh Popper and Madonna surprised the world with their unexpected dating and have been quite the talk of the town due to their age gap. Yet, they are unaffected by the gossip and continue to enjoy the perks of their new-found relationship, supporting each other in every sphere.

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