Meghan and Harry’s son Archie will become a Prince, claims senior source

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  • 17:40, 9 MAY 2019
  • Updated17:47, 9 MAY 2019

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle introduced the world to their baby boy they also confirmed that they've decided not to give him a title.

While many were confused at the absence of Prince before Archie Harrison, experts weren't at all surprised as it's in keeping with the Royal Family's rules.

However he could technically get a title in the future when his grandfather Prince Charles takes the throne, and an insider has now claimed this is a possibility for little Archie.

A senior source told the Evening Standard : "The Sussexes have chosen not to give their children courtesy titles at this time, however, on the change of reign, the George V convention would apply."

Little Archie is seventh in line to the throne, and will be bumped even further down when the Cambridge kids have babies of their own, which means he's not senior enough to get a fancy title at the moment.

George V, the Queen's grandfather, changed the rules to cut down the size of the family meaning that HRHs only go to children of the sons of the monarch and their partners.

This means Baby Sussex will probably be the 'least royal' frontline member of the Royal Family, and will instead have the title of Earl of Dumbarton.

The Queen could have given him a HRH title but she didn't, and it's likely that Meghan and Harry are happy about this as they've spoken about wanting him to have a normal life.

In her first interview after the birth, Meghan said: "It's magic, it's pretty amazing. I have the two best guys in the world so I'm really happy."

As her husband held their son, Meghan, wearing a white sleeveless wrap dress, added: "He has the sweetest temperament, he's really calm."

As they both laughed, Harry said: "I don't know who he gets that from."

Meghan added: "He's just been the dream so it's been a special couple of days."

Archie – wearing a soft woolen hat – can scarcely be seen but his parents both have wide smiles as they unveil their son to the world.

Harry added: "It's great. Parenting is amazing.

"It's only been two-and-a-half days, three days, but we're just so thrilled to have our own little bundle of joy."

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