Men are THREE times hornier than women but only get sex when their partner makes the first move

MEN initiate sex THREE times more than women but only get it if girls make the first move.

Randy blokes lead the way when it comes to antics in the bedroom during long term relationships, a new study has shown.

However, sex happens more when girls take the initiative and it is them who set the limits rather than lads.

Psychologists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology also found that passion is the most important factor to a healthy sexual relationship.

The team at NTNU looked at a number of factors including how happy people are in their relationship, how committed they feel to their partner, how intimate they are, how much they trust each other and the love between them.


Postdoctoral fellow Trond Viggo Grøntvedt wrote in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences : "Passion in the relationship is of great importance for intercourse frequency.

"Passion is actually the only one of these factors that matters.

“We didn't find any association between any of the other aspects and how often people have sex in couple relationships.”

Passion in the relationship is of great importance for intercourse frequency. Passion is actually the only one of these factors that matters

The psychologists studied people from 19 to 31, with all involved in romantic heterosexual relationships.

They found a woman’s attitude to casual sex can also play a key role in how frequent intercourse can be in a relationship.

The study read: “Intercourse was more frequent in couples where women reported less restricted attitudes, while men’s level of sociosexuality had no effect on intercourse frequency in any of the models.

“These novel findings suggest that while men in general might desire sex more, in this sample from a highly egalitarian nation, men might be compromising more than women do.”

The team also found that the longer the relationship, the less the couple had sex.

In particular they discovered, rather unsurprisingly, that the more we flirt or lust over others the less intimacy we enjoy with our partners.

Professor Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair said: “Love is a commitment mechanism, and there is less passion and desire in a relationship if a partner is more interested in others."

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