Michelin chef’s roast potato tip makes crispy and fluffy roasties ‘to die for’

A chef has shared a neat tip that she swore by to "up the roast game" with golden crispy potatoes.

Michelin-trained cook Poppy O'Toole showed the step-by-step guide in her TikTok video, which included a little-known tea towel trick.

In the video seen nearly 88,000 times, she prepares the potatoes by peeling them and cutting into small chunks.

While cooking them in boiling water, she melts a lard of goose fat in the oven at 180C so she can drop the potatoes in later for a light fry.

To get the fluffy texture of the potatoes, Poppy explains: "Drain the water from the colander and put a tea towel on top of it.

"It will steam the potatoes for the fluffy texture."

Next she places them in a try and roasts it for an hour along with a whole chicken, which is stuffed with thyme and garlic.

Poppy says: "When your chicken is done, take it out and put the potatoes back in the over at 210C, then you will get this."

She sprinkles the salt on the tatties and shuffles the tray.

Viewers said the dish is "to die for" when they heard the crackling sound of the potatoes.

A mum-of-three said: "Tried and tested and absolutely unbelievable, thank you so much, had a lot of compliments too."

One wrote: "I would die for these."

"I love how simple but insanely helpful these tips are," another added. "I'm drooling."

The young chef also took on a 25-day potatoes recipe challenge and recently shared a detailed guide on making a buttery potato fondant.

All you need is potatoes, butter, some basic seasonings and a vegetable stock.

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