Mother transforms filthy oven door in minutes with £1 ‘miracle’ paste in incredible cleaning hack

Cleaning the oven has to be one of the most loathed kitchen chores; with stubborn stains and grease coften extremely difficult to shift.

It's one of the those reluctant jobs you typically need to set a good 20 minutes aside to complete.

However, one savvy mother has revealed a £1 ‘miracle’ paste which made her oven sparkle in minutes.

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The mum posted before and after pictures of her oven cleanse on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, showing what a huge difference the cheap product, from Poundland, made.

The mum wrote: "I am totally ashamed of how bad my cooker got… I have five kids! Three babies under the age of 3.

"Work full-time, by the time I get home, cook tea, do packed lunches – I never wiped my oven door over."

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The mum-of-five applied the miracle Pink Stuff paste with a pink Poundland sponge to the oven, where stains were present and left it for a few minutes.

After leaving the chemicals to do their thing for a while, she then wiped away the paste to reveal the glistening surfaces.

Members of the group commented on the cleaning triumph, marvelling at the transformation the Stardrops paste had.

"Wow – I need some of this pink stuff in my life," said one while another described her as a "supermum" for her efforts.

Another added: "Pink Stuff is incredible – especially for the price."

Star Brands, the manufacturer of the product, describe it as a "hardworking, cream cleaner is designed to help you remove stains from around the home whilst being gentle on surfaces."

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It is seemingly not just a magic solution to dirty oven as there is evidence of some people using it on windows, tiles, BBQs and ceramics.

The members of the group felt compelled to share their cleaning hacks, based on the overwhelming success of Mrs Hinch.

Sophie Hinchcliffe became a cleaning sensation under the Mrs Hinch moniker after sharing her hacks online and has since amassed 3 million Instagram followers as a result.

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