Mum keeps getting tattooed after infection and wont stop even if leg falls off

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    A tattoo addicted mum admitted she won't stop getting inked even if her 'leg falls off'.

    Melissa Sloan, a 45-year-old from Wales, is no stranger to a tattoo gun – she even carries one around with her wherever she goes.

    Since the age of 20, she's had different designs permanently etched across her body.

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    The mum-of-two previously shared that she gets three 'prison style' inkings a week – and can't find a job due to her alternative look.

    And as she has little room to spare on her natural canvas, she gets her partner to ink on top of her older designs.

    This obsession hasn't come without complications though – as Melissa revealed she's had skin infections from getting inked so much.

    In an exclusive interview with Daily Star, Melissa explained that she won't stop getting tattoos and will continue to do so even if she loses limbs.

    The mum explained: "Some tattoos have never healed. The skin has fallen off and I’ll still get another one.

    "You’re supposed to wait but I’m impatient so I’ll just keep having them done.

    “Yeah I have [got them infected] and I’ll still carry on."

    It got to the point that Melissa needed a course of antibiotics to fight the skin infection from her continual tattooing.

    “I do to go to the doctors for antibiotics as some got infected badly", the mum admitted.

    "I use clean needles but just somehow got infected.

    Although Melissa had an infection to fight off, nothing was going to stop her from adding new additions to her vast collection she has lost count of.

    “But it doesn’t bother me and it won’t stop me", she declared.

    "I'll still carry on even if my leg was coming off – I will still have to have the tattoo done.

    “I took antibiotics and I’ve got scars but the next couple of days I had another tattoo done.

    “Everyone thinks I’m crazy.”

    Despite not being worried about losing a limb because of her love of tattoos, Melissa did show some concern about potentially being diagnosed with cancer.

    She said: “I thought I was going to have blood cancer. I said to the doctor, is it dangerous where I’m going with these tattoos where I’m getting them every week and if I’m going over the limit.

    “I asked him I’m going to get blood cancer from it. He said there was no evidence.”

    Although there is no definitive evidence that indicates tattoos cause cancer, WHO (World Health Organisation) found that some chemicals in some tattoo inks could possibly be ‘carcinogenic’.

    The Cancer Council charity states on their official website: “We are not aware of a reported cancer case directly attributable to tattooing.

    “However, evidence does show that some tattoo inks contain carcinogens (cancer-causing substances) – chemicals that have been classified as known or possible carcinogens by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer.”


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