Mum names baby after favourite food and people think the kid is doomed

A mum left people a little perplexed after it was revealed she named her baby after her favourite food.

The little one's grandmother announced her granddaughter's unusual name on social media, and many can't believe it's real.

It's said the grandmother-of-two confirmed the latest addition to the family in a Facebook post and also revealed the baby's quirky name – Avacuddo.

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It's no secret that untraditional names have been on the rise in recent years, and this little one was actually born back in August 2019.

Even though she has now grown up a little, the posts of the proud grandmother showing off her name recently started gaining attention.

After it was shared on Reddit, people have been left in total shock and some even feared the baby could end up being bullied as a result.

One person wrote: "No. Stop it.

"That poor kid is doomed."

People were quick to comment after the grandmother shared a snap of her granddaughter in a side-by-side photo next to her brother Nicholas.

She captioned the post: "It’s official my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

"Welcome baby Avacuddo."

Another person responded: "Maybe her name is Ava and 'avacado' is a nickname? I hope."

The quirky name doesn't seem to be a winner with many people, which means it could be added to the list of least favourite names which includes the likes of Jayden and Bohdi.

Avacuddo is also – perhaps not surprisingly – a pretty rare name for babies.

It was revealed last year that some names may become extinct this year.

According to a study by Pregnacare, names such as Brydie, Gladys, Edmond and Neville could soon become no more.

Meanwhile, other names are set to boom thanks to popular culture and hit TV shows.

In January International Name Report, Preply, looked at the key factors that are influencing what parents are choosing to name their children.

Traditionally, baby names often stem from family connections, cultural reasons or historical references – but it revealed popular culture is now taking over with social media, celebrities, films and TV shows playing huge roles in inspiring baby names.


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