Mum shares DIY hack to soothe her child’s sun burn using old lip balm

A mum has shared an easy hack to help soothe kids' sunburn "on the go".

Jacquelin, from Chicago in the US, regularly posts parenting tips on social media.

She wants to help mums who are struggling to keep up with their children's needs – and for her latest advice, she tackled hot weather problems.

As summer days approach, parents take their little ones to outdoors for picnics or to the beach for a swim.

Many might forget to apply sunscreen on their children's face, which can lead to them coming home with red, burned skin.

So to prevent discomfort, Jacquelin came up with the idea to create an "on-the-go" sunburn soother.

She shared the DIY trick on her TikTok @momlikeaboss and said: "If your kids get sun burn, just use an old EOS lip balm container and put aloe vera in it.

"Now you'll have a perfect little 'booboo buddy' to soothe their sun burn."

In the comments, she gave further details and added: "Frozen aloe vera and freeze in an EOS container because they're too cute to throw away.

"Freeze it upside down and you're good to go!"

Other mums were impressed by the hack and said they'd love to give it a go.

One said: "Wow that's such a cool idea! Good mom hacks!"

"This feels good for the kids and it doesn't burn at all," a second added.

Another suggested: "Try vinegar in a spray bottle, it aways the burn. I find it way more helpful than aloe vera."

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