My friends are trying to adopt my son and now Im terrified

A single mum has said she is “terrified” and “missed the warning signs” after a wealthy couple tried to persuade her to give them her son

Posting on Reddit, the mum said she recently became friends with two parents from her son’s school, but didn’t realise that the couple were really only looking for a new sibling for their own kid.

The woman began her post by revealing she is a 24-year-old single mum who has been disowned by her parents, and that she lives in a small apartment with her eight-year-old son, Owen. 

She said that after she got pregnant with Owen, she had to drop out of high school to work, and wrote: “We aren’t on the poverty line by any means, but we definitely live paycheck to paycheck.” 

The young mum said Owen has “never gone without the basics” but admitted “he doesn’t get a lot of fun extras” outside of birthdays and the holidays. 

But she lives in an area where all public schools are based on a lottery system, which means that as long as a child has been registered, they have a good chance of getting into a better school. 

Owen managed to get into a wealthier school across town near his mum’s work, where he became best friends with a child named Charlie. 

Both Charlie and Owen “began hanging out a lot after school” and so the mother met Charlie’s parents, Nate and Paige. 

The woman wrote:”They seemed very nice and supportive. Owen always had a great time at their house. Charlie occasionally came to our apartment, but usually, they were at his place.”

During the school holidays, Owen was not able to get into camp due to limited spaces and so Paige offered to look after Owen as she was a stay-at-home mother. 

The woman wrote: “I was hesitant to ask so much of her but she insisted. He had a really fun time with them. They did a ton of activities and Paige refused my attempts to pay her back at least some (I couldn’t afford all).

“I admit, I did feel a tad uncomfortable with her spending this much on my son, but at the same time, I didn’t want to deprive Owen of this stuff.”

It became common for Owen to spend weekends and holidays with Nate and Paige while the mother worked. The couple also began getting him Christmas gifts, and got him more than “you would typically get your kid’s friends” which the woman admitted started to seem odd. 

During Spring Break, Owen spent a whole week with the family so that the mother couple pick up more shifts to get him a bike for his birthday. 

She went to pick him up on Saturday afternoon, and then Nate and Paige asked to sit down and talk while the children were playing in the garden.

The mum said: “Paige suggested that Owen stay a little longer.  I pointed out Easter was Sunday plus school started up on Monday. They said they could take him to school. I felt weird and said, no, it was time for Owen to come home. 

“That’s when Nate suggested that Owen stay with them long term. I could still see him, but they would take care of him. I thought they were joking and said ‘Like what, you’d be his guardians or something?’”

The woman said that the couple “got quiet” and that was when “reality rushed over me.” She argued with the couple and said that life isn’t a movie, and they cannot have her son.  

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The woman wrote: “They started spouting some legal stuff about how I could assign them as guardians and they would help make this transition smooth. They told me to think about Owen and what’s best for him. I told them there was no way in h*ll I was going to give up my son.”

The woman has said she has since blocked the couple’s phone numbers and is trying to figure out how to tell Owen he cannot see Charlie anymore. 

She wrote: “I’m terrified. I don’t want him going back to that school. Do we move? I’m so lost. And I feel so stupid because looking back, all the warning signs were there.”

The woman’s post became very popular with thousands of comments from people telling her to keep the couple away from Owen. 

In a recent update, the woman revealed she sat down and explained to Owen that “Nate and Paige were not safe” but it was okay for him to talk to Charlie at school.

She wrote: “I was honestly worried he’d hate me but you all were right. Telling him the full story made him realize how serious it was. He understands the gifts and trips will stop and says he’s alright with it.”

She then told the school about what happened, who were “taking measures to protect him.”

But, that Tuesday, the woman said that the incident that  “everyone feared would happen” did, as Paige tried to take Owen out of his afterschool program without the mum’s consent. 

Police were eventually called, and while no charges were filed, the single mum is now looking to file a restraining order.

Reacting to the post, one person wrote: “How insane or entitled do you have to be to try and take someone’s elses child? How did they think this would end?” 

Another popular comment said: “I don’t understand people like this, do they think children are toys?” 

Another Reddit user said the ordeal for a shame for both Owen and Charlie and wrote: “A decent friendship will be ruined (and perhaps some innocence lost because Charlie’s parents are psychos. I hope [the woman] goes nuclear and tells all the parents about their behaviour.”

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