‘My mum used to reject men back in the day – people say it’s obvious why’

For many, it's difficult to comprehend what their parents looked like when they were young.

That's why getting out the dusty family album can be a real shocker to some people.

Especially if their parent was a real heartthrob in their twenties.

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Well, Bri Ortiz's mum told her daughter that she 'rejected' many a man back in her prime.

And after revealing some throwback snaps, it's not hard to see why.

In a TikTok clip which racked up thousands of views, Bri first shared what her mum looks like now.

The mature beauty smiled as she focused on cooking in the kitchen, as Bri said: "My mum told me she rejected many men back in the day."

She then revealed a selection of throwback snaps of the mum who wowed with her sensational looks.

Back then, the mum was super stylish and rocked the latest 80s hairdos that would certainly turn heads.

She wore a natural makeup which accentuated her already gorgeous features.

"My beautiful mumma," Bri gushed in the caption.

In awe of the stunning mum, people fled to the comments to swoon over the mum – then and now.

One person commented: "You could see it before you even showed the pics."

Another user said: "I knew it before you showed the throwbacks she’s still gorgeous."

While a third voiced: "Ugh our parents were so effortlessly gorgeous."

Someone else added: "She's absolutely beautiful now too, wow."

Meanwhile, a fifth swooned: "I could tell before the pics! She’s naturally beautiful."

Elsewhere, a self-proclaimed 'hot' mum took to TikTok to show off her outfit for Disneyland.

The sexy parent rocked a skin-tight playsuit that accentuated her figure and revealed that she wasn't wearing a bra underneath.

She certainly made an impression online.

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