‘Never a step too far… not with Primark!’ as they release ‘hilarious’ Christmas jumper

Primark has released its new Christmas jumper which has left some shoppers labelling their latest design "too far" while others couldn't wait to get their hands on it.

The budget clothing store has everything you could possibly imagine from a range of dedicated Greggs products to their controversial denim shorts that resembled a pair of pants. But if you can handle the long queues and get your hunting head on, you can also get your hands on the latest fashion trends for a fraction of the price.

One addition to Primark that has left shoppers divided is their new Christmas jumper, donning their iconic pale blue and white design. The festive jumper left many customers hitting out at the retailer saying they had "gone too far" while Primarni fans couldn't wait to purchase it as it would be "hilarious".

In a bold move from the retailer, the jumper simply reads "Primark" in their logo while decorated with snowflakes and zigzag prints. It also includes their staple brown paper bags darted along the body and sleeves with a retail price of £16.

One woman took to the Extreme Couponing And Bargains UK page on Facebook to share the news that the Christmas jumper had hit the rails in Primark. The shopper posted a photo of the jumper in question and wrote: "For all you Primarni lovers you know you want one. £16 is a bargain."

The post received thousands of comments from people itching to share their opinions as it also racked up more than 500 emoji reactions. One fan wrote: "It's on lol I will be finding this."

A second joked: "Would be hilarious".

"I'm getting this," declared a third, while a fourth added: "I would love this!"

Another couldn't help but think of how to style the product and commented: "100% essential and will match gorgeously with Uggs!"

"Never a step too far… Not with Primark!" stated one more.

But it wasn't all raving reviewers as some shoppers couldn't hold back that bewilderment on the unusual Christmas jumper.

One hit back and wrote: "Eeewwwwwwww! Now I like Primarni BUT this is a little bit too much!"

"Wouldn’t be seen dead in this," a second added.

While a third claimed: "They’ve taken it too far lol."

"Although I love Primark, this is a firm NO" a fourth quipped.

Many thought it was an absolute bargain for a festive jumper, but others were left baffled by the price. One Facebook user questioned: "Who on earth would want a jumper with Primark written on it? You pay them £16 for the privilege of advertising for them!"

"Not a chance! If they want me to advertise their name on a jumper, they need to pay me to do it and give me the jumper for free!" added another.

If you're willing to make the brave move with Primark this Christmas, you can get your hands on the jumper for £16 from your local store. And who knows, it could quickly become a sell-out.

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