One of HK cinema's top four villains was former gang member

HONG KONG • Veteran actor Lee Siu Kei – who often played the big baddie in many Hong Kong movies – died on Sunday in a hospital. He was 69.

Lee was known as one of the “top four villains of the Hong Kong film industry” together with Shing Fui On, Ho Ka Kui and Wong Kwong Leung during the 1980s and 1990s. Shing died at 54 in 2009, while Ho died at 66 in 2015. Wong is 61 this year.

Lee was a former gang member who left organised crime after he was invited to act by late director Ringo Lam during the 1980s.

Lee had acted in more than 40 movies in his career, playing the roles of villains in several movies including Those Were The Days… (1995), the Young And Dangerous film series (1996 to 2000) and Chinese Midnight Express (1997).

He also acted in director Stephen Chow’s comedy films including The God Of Cookery (1996) and King Of Comedy (1999).

Lee stopped acting in recent years after he suffered from stroke twice in the last few years. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in November last year and went for an operation to remove the tumour in January, Ming Pao Daily News reported.

In February, he registered his marriage with Ms Yau Hau Ching, 58, his girlfriend of 30 years, in the hope of bringing him luck and helping in his recovery.

His cancer spread to his lungs later, and he was admitted to hospital one week ago after his condition worsened.

His family, including his wife, sister and brother, were with him when he died on Sunday evening.

Actor Louis Koo, the current president of the Hong Kong Performing Artistes Guild, said he has sent his condolences to Lee’s wife and would provide assistance to his family.

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