Ordinary looking house hides idyllic garden with animals and reservoir

If you looked at this home in Salford, Greater Manchester, you wouldn't think it is anything out of the ordinary.

However, the normal-looking house actually features an idyllic secret garden hidden behind it.

The garden at the property is on two-acres of land, which was once a swamp and a dumping ground.

When Sally Berry's son, William, purchased the site behind her home in Walkden, it was nothing to shout about.

But when the grandmother got her hands on it, she spent nearly a decade transforming it into what has been described as a "tranquil paradise".

The former wasteland is now blooming with wild plants, full of animals and even had its own reservoir.

Sally's back garden has now become known as 'The Secret Valley'.

It usually open to the public under the National Garden Scheme where private gardens open their doors/gates/fences all in the name of charity. However, it's currently closed to the public due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Sally sadly confirmed this week that she has "no plans to re-open it".

Speaking to LADbible just after lockdown restrictions first started in May 2020, Sally said: "We can't open at the moment.

"The organisation that handles it (the National Garden Scheme) has cancelled the insurance to save costs. We don't know what's going to happen it's difficult to organise."

She added: "I don't know how they are going to ease this lockdown business. They are saying that people are going to have to keep the distance but I'm not sure how they will do it [in the garden].

"The big supermarkets are alright but I don't know how you would do it in a wild garden when people just want to find things. We have only got narrow paths, I don't want there to be a one-way system because it would ruin the experience."

Sally also said she's struggling to maintain the garden as she gets older, saying she "can't manage" it on her own. Instead, she said the garden has to "take care of itself".

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You can visit The Secret Valley's Facebook page here, in case of any new updates.

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