Paramount UK Chief Ben Frow Says He Secretly Resigned Because Of Burnout: “I Felt Like I Was Being Eaten Alive” — Edinburgh TV Festival

Paramount’s UK content chief Ben Frow has revealed that he secretly resigned last year as a result of burnout following the pandemic.

In a revelation at the Edinburgh TV Festival, Frow told an audience of UK television executives that he quit last April but later paused his resignation after making a recovery.

The charismatic television executive, who has rejuvenated the fortunes of UK network Channel 5, said that the fallout from Covid hit him “like a brick” in 2022 after working in isolation and shouldering responsibility for his team and producers.

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“I felt like I was being pecked alive, eaten alive… so I resigned,” Paramount’s UK chief content officer recalled. Frow said he kept his resignation a secret from his team and continued to work.

The only clue his colleagues had about his mental health issues was that he was “very angry” in the office and would “shake” in meetings when people would make demands of him.

He said quitting was an “enormous relief” and he felt liberated. By the time Christmas 2022 arrived, Paramount was preparing an announcement about his departure and Frow changed his mind. “I paused it and I’m in a very good place, very happy to carry on,” he added.

“The lesson I learned was that I shouldn’t have let it go that far,” Frow explained, adding that he realized that TV executives need to take time to “love yourself” because commissioners have a duty to be strong for an ecosystem of producers and freelancers.

Paul Brand, the ITV News journalist chairing Frow’s Edinburgh session, said it was a “brave admission.” The confession drew a round of applause from the audience.

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