Parents blasted for twin girls names as users say they sound like adult stars

Baby names can involve a long and hard discussion.

Some parents have names in mind, while others wait to decide on the day of the birth.

Now one parent has been slated for their choice after the names of the twin babies were shared on Reddit.

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Posting on the forum, user hunbunsoo, which didn't appear to be the parent, shared a birth announcement photo.

It showed the two baby girls with their faces covered by pink hearts on the platform.

And the snap showcases both tots in their hospital bassinets.

Each one had a sign above the baby detailing their full names, date of birth and weight.

There is also a display stork between them carrying a bundle in its mouth which bears their unique names.

Twin baby girls Skyla Storm and Scotland Rain were born on June 16, 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

And now their names have caused a stir on Reddit.

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One person commented: "Skyla is the brand name of an IUD."

Another added: "As someone who lives in Scotland, this is truly a name that would have you bullied out the country."

A third posted: "Trying to figure out which one you think got the short end of the stick lol.

"Both are terrible and embarrassing names to bear and to have named your child."

And other Reddit users were even more brutal as one claimed they sounded like porn star names.

They said: "Those sound like porn actress/stripper names. I'm so embarrassed for those girls."

The original poster wrote: "Scotland Rain is especially awful, at least the other can just go by Skyla, but Scotland."

However one person was a fan, as they said: "But actually I don't hate those."

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