Paris Hilton Dishes on Donald Trump and the Kardashians (Plus Which Aunt Gives Better Birthday Gifts)

Paris Hilton made her first ever appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and had plenty to say about several controversial people who have played a part in her life.

Host Andy Cohen definitely had to ask about her relationship with Lindsay Lohan, a friendship that went totally south. Instead of diving into direct questions, Cohen allowed Hilton to play the WWHL game, “Plead the Fifth.”

Hilton was asked to say three nice things about Lohan. While she didn’t plead the fifth, she definitely gave some shady answers. In addition to calling Lohan “beyond” (which actually isn’t good), Hilton said she was “lame and embarrassing.” Ok! But what about others like Donald Trump and the Kardashians? She saved those comments for the WWHL After Show. Plus she dished about which aunt, Kim or Kyle Richards, is a better gift giver.

Eric or Don Jr. Trump?

Even though WWHL transitioned to the more casual After Show, it didn’t mean Hilton was out of the hot seat. In fact, it meant just the opposite. It’s widely known that the Hiltons and the Trumps know each other. “You have known Donald Trump all your life,” Cohen remarks.

So Cohen wanted to know if the parents ever tried to fix her up with either Eric or Don Jr.? Hilton looks a little lost for words. “No?” Cohen asks. “Obviously,” Hilton responds.

So yes they did! “But you ever try or entertain the idea,” Cohen asks. Meanwhile, Hilton keeps shaking her head no. “Not my type,” she adds. And what does Hilton remember about Trump? “He loves himself,” she says smiling. “A lot… I mean…I’m not going to say a lot.” Trump was also given the same designation as Lohan as being “beyond.”

She is definitely Team Kardashian

Hilton says she’s known Kylie and Kendall Jenner since they were little girls. “We all grew up together,” she remarks. “And it’s amazing what the entire family has done.”

She adds, “They are all brilliant, beautiful businesswomen.” Cohen then asks how Hilton reacts to the thought that she is actually responsible for Kim Kardashian’s success. “I’m so proud of her and she’s always been an amazing businesswoman,” Hilton says.

“She’s so smart, she’s gorgeous, so…” Hilton says. Cohen dives in further and asks if she and Kardashian had their own business together. He wondered if Hilton and Kardashian had a closet organizer business. “She would organize people’s closets, and would do that,” Hilton says. “And made a big business out of it. And parlayed it into her brand now. Now she’s selling makeup, and clothing and everything else. She’s killing it.”

Who gives the better birthday gift? Kim or Kyle Richards

Cohen totally put Hilton on the spot and made her choose which aunt gives the better gift, has the better closet to raid and more. Hilton handled the challenge like a champ.

Who was the cooler aunt growing up? Kim got the honor. Both Kim and Kyle used to babysit an equal amount too. The funny thing is that neither Kim nor Kyle were strict with their niece either.

But when it came down to choosing who gave the better birthday gift, the honor went to Kim. But she’d choose Kyle with her secrets more than Kim. Cohen asks which aunt had the better closet to raid and it came down easily to Kyle.

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