Paris Jackson Addresses The Dark Side Of Being Born Into Wealth And Fame

Celebrities sign up for a life full of media coverage, paparazzi, and the endless click of the cameras. Part of their wealth and fame involves the constant exposure to the general public and being a celebrity involves as much exposure to haters as as it does to their millions of adoring fans. However, being the child of a celebrity is very different. Living this highly exposed life is not a choice they made, it was a lifestyle they were thrust in to. Recently, USA Today reports that Paris Jackson bravely spoke out about the deep struggles she has faced as a direct result of being born into fame and fortune. Being the daughter of a legend means she has been the center of some very unwanted attention. The late Michael Jackson’s daughter opened up to her friend Willow Smith on Red Table Talk, and revealed the very dark side of being born into wealth, and just how damaging the spotlight can really be.

Lack Of Privacy

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Being Michael Jackson’s child sounds like a dream come true for many fans. However, Paris Jackson reveals that it’s not quite the fairytale life that people chalk it up to be. As a result of being born into the shadows of her father’s fame, Paris hasn’t been able to live a day of her life with privacy. Cameras are always following her every move, and to make matters worse, the images or video footage that is captured of her is exploited in every imaginable way.

Her name is used as click-bait, her images are sold without consent, and every activity she engages in is reported in the press. Her life doesn’t feel like her own, and it took a serious toll on her mental health.

By being constantly exposed to the press, Paris also felt an overwhelming sense of having to always ‘act appropriately’ because every photograph taken represented more than just her image, it reflected on her family. She stated; “You have to sit up straight and act right, because if you don’t it not only reflects on your reputation, [but also] your family’s reputation… It does some serious shock”.

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Online Haters

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Not only was Paris Jackson born into one of the most famous, and controversial families in the entire world, but she also happened to be born into the digital age, and had to contend with growing up while surrounded by social media, and all that comes along with that.

Paris is exposed to online haters that don’t hold back when it comes to trolling the star. There are a great number of people who perceive her father in a negative light, and have taken it upon themselves to attack her by subjecting her to hateful online comments. At one point during her interview with Willow, she spoke of certain incidents that led to her darkest days, and revealed; “It was really hard, and people would tell me to kill myself everyday. And I was depressed.”

The Relentless Paparazzi

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The relentless nature of the paparazzi always clicking away and being in her personal space so often has left Paris Jackson with serious PTSD. She says even the sound of a bag rustling in the distance makes her think someone is hiding in the shadows, trying to get her photograph. She’s constantly and consistently on edge.

Paris expressed that she had suffered severe trauma, stress, nightmares, and even hallucinations over being constantly pursued by the cameras. Buzzfeed quotes her as saying; “It does a lot to your nervous system, because you’re constantly in fight or flight,” Paris said. “You’re constantly walking on eggshells, constantly looking over your shoulder. I feel like there’s got to be some kind of permanent damage.”

She went on to reveal that fame and fortune had led her to become severely reclusive. She admits that she rarely ventures out during the day, and if she must leave her home, she tries to leave at night to avoid being photographed and followed. Her birthright has essentially imprisoned her.

Deep Struggles

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Most people would dream of a luxurious lifestyle full of such deep fortune that there is no pressure to be employed. However, this precise situation left Paris Jackson with a lot of time on her hands and an incredible amount of pressure on her shoulders. In spite of her immense talents and unwavering skills, she found herself having to live up to expectations of ‘greatness.’ Everything in Michael Jackson’s life unfolded on a grandiose scale, and those expectations were unrealistically imposed upon her as well.

Paris has struggled with her identity for much of her life, including living in fear of being rejected by her family due to her sexual orientation, and not being able to live up to the expectations of the public. Along with other factors, this led to self harm and multiple suicide attempts, which were thankfully, unsuccessful.

Being born rich and famous certainly does carry a variety of perks and benefits, but the reality of that type of lifestyle isn’t always as desirable as it may seem at first glance. Paris Jackson continues to seek therapy and acknowledges that she’s still working on self-love.

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