People are only just realising why some buildings use bricked-up windows

Let's be real, there's a lot of things we probably don't always notice.

Just the other day, people were sharing strange theories on what WD-40 stands for.

And yesterday one woman baffled everyone when she only just realised the purpose of KFC lemon wipes.

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Now if you've ever walked past a home and spotted windows covered up by bricks, we might just have your answer.

It's a common sight across England but not everyone knows the reason behind it.

Thanks to historian and author Alice Loxton who came to the rescue by sharing the fantastic fact on Instagram.

Posting on her platform as @history_alice, she said the windows were covered as part of tax-avoidance schemes.

Filming in front of one of the properties, Alice told viewers about the "daylight robbery".

Pointing to the bricked-up windows, she said: "This was a result of the notorious 1696 window tax.

"Anyone living in a house with more than 10 windows was to be taxed.

"The idea being that only the wealthier would pay because they probably had bigger houses.

"But the government underestimated the public's determination to do everything in their power to avoid paying."

She claimed it's the reason why we see the "strange feature" today.

Her caption added: "Daylight robbery!

"Also worth knowing sometimes the bricked up spaces were a result of internal details (such as a staircase or chimney).

"There were many window taxes until 1851, when it was repealed after campaigning by the likes of Charles Dickens."

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It's no surprise the video secured over 35,000 likes as impressed Brits were quick to thank the expert.

One wrote: "In Belgium we can still see a few of these where people have bricked windows."

Another added: "Interesting! And awful, really. To have to give up light and fresh air! To be taxed for it in the first place!"

While a third added: "Fascinating how the history is full of stories of oppressions!"

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