People left in stitches by hilarious crafting fails

Pinterest has a lot to answer for! Hilarious snaps reveal disastrous crafting projects that should have remained imaginary

  • People from all over the world have shared hilarious examples of crafting fails
  • One person filled a transparent Christmas baubles with saucy spaghetti  
  • Another knitted a toilet seat cover, while one made bizarre ear-shaped earrings 

These crafters learned the hard way that just because you can make something does not necessarily mean you should. 

People from all over the world have shared hilarious crafting fails which, while inventive, won’t be winning a design competition anytime soon. 

The pictures shared on the trivia website, show a wide range of funny and bizarre creations. 

One man tried to sell his wife’s very original Christmas baubles, which she had filled with saucy spaghetti. 

Meanwhile, a fellow crafter knitted a toilet seat cover in rainbow covers, but we’re not sure we’d like fabric anywhere near the loo.  

People from all over the world have shared hilarious crafting fails which, while inventive, won’t be winning a design competition anytime soon. This foamy cabinet is actually the brain child of Studio Dewi van de Klomp, a Dutch designer who’s created soft cupboards 

A husband explained how his wife filled transparent Christmas baubles with saucy spaghetti as ‘Italian’ Christmas ornaments 

Dining in style? One person designed a table out of a tree trunk and created a water fountain. But what happens when the dish reaches the end of the table? 

This is knit OK: To fight the cold toilet seat, one person crocheted a this colourful cover, but it won’t be to everybody’s taste 

What have we got ear? One jeweller made the bizarre decision to create an exact replica of their own ear and jewellery 

Sometimes less is not more! A decorator who ran out of paint decided to finsih off the hallway with an adornment of squiggles, that looked rather like a dirty protest  

On Facebook Marketplace, one US-based hustler tried to sell cooking utensils they bedazzled with pearls and rhinestones  – let’s hope none fall off into the dinner 

Mortar city! A very imaginative driver decided to cover his car with bricks to make sure it stood out 

Don’t all rush at once!  There are surely more elegant fixes for the age-old problem of never being able to find the TV remote than the stick solution propsed by this US entrepreneur 

Who needs a curtain rail when you have nails? One renter took drastic measure to make sure they’d never see the light of day again

A swing and a miss! This resting area in a park put picnic tables on a swing, the perfect way to get motion sickness as you enjoy your lunch 

Life in plastic! One crafter decided to create a sofa out of dozens of plastic bottles. But was it worth the effort? 

One person got terrifying results where they use doll faces as pots for their house plants. The haunting image is hard to forget 

Tree of life! There are probably better ways to pass the time than spending hours gluing tiny baby dolls together  

This fan must have spent hours gluing these magic cards on the floor in their bathroom to get the perfect mosaic 

At least it’s colourful! There’s nothing wrong with making over a boring beige room, but this swirly colourful carpet might give you a headache  

The stuff of nightmares! A husband terrified by his wife’s crocheted dolls had no qualms about shaming her crafting efforts online  

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