People share hilarious snaps of cats resting in strange places

You’ve got to be kitten me! Hilarious snaps reveal the VERY strange places cats choose to relax – from the fridge to an airport baggage carousel

  • People from all over world have shared snaps of cats sitting in strange places 
  • One cat was caught by their owner chilling with a turtle in the reptile’s terrarium  
  • Another pair of cats were caught red-handed smooching on the fridge’s shelf 

When it’s time for a cat nap, the lack of a cosy bed is no impediment to feisty felines who are happy to take up any resting space they fancy, no matter how inconvenient.  

From Thailand to the US, felines were caught red-pawed as they napped or simply rested in strange places. The hilarious pictures were shared by the Instagram account Cats Shouldn’t, and collated into a gallery by Bored Panda. 

In one snap, a cat had managed to enter a turtle’s terrarium and was cuddling with the reptile as if it was the most natural thing in the world, while another decided to squeeze himself unde the plastic of a crate of bottled water.

Elsewhere, two cats were caught smooching on the bottom shelf of their owner’s fridge.  

People have shared hilarious pictures of their cats caught in places they shouldn’t be. Pictured: two cats smooching in their owner’s fridge 

Nap time! Two kittens were small enough to fit into their feeding bowls at the same time, making for a very cute picture

Unlikely friends: A cat introduced himself into a pet turtle’s terrarium and decided to have a cuddle with the reptile before their owner noticed

They’ll never find me here! A cat picked a very unusual place to have a nap, sneaking under the plastic of a crate of bottled water

Someone call the IT department! This compact feline found the perfect seating spot

My type of luggage! In Thailand, cats took over the baggage carousel in a strange and delightful turn of events

It’s a hard’s cat’s life! A white feline decided to use plants hanging from the ceilling as his personal pillow 

No sleeping in class! A feline accompanied their owner to their exam and decided to take a nap on their desk

Welcome to Turkey! One cat acted like he was in charge of the whole of the security on the transport system in Istanbul 

There are cats in my pants! Two dosmetic cat surprised their owner by hiding in the legs of their jeans 

A fluffy feline decided to have a nap of the dashboard of his owners car while he was driving, hiding all the indicators 

Customers were delighted to find they could save 51p on this fluffy cat who decided to set up camp in the pet food section in Tesco 

Rebel without a paws! Warning signs mean nothing to this feisty feline who decided they wanted to perch on the steps  

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