People share pictures of hazardous designs that could lead to disaster

Disaster waiting to happen! People share photos of things poised to go wrong – from a dangerous slide to hair bleach that looks like a box of children’s cereal

  • People from all over the world have shared pictures of very hazardous designs 
  • Bottles of bleach appear dangerously similar to cereals or yogurt packaging  
  • A slide in New Jersey was so treacherous the attraction was closed immediately 

Quite frankly, it defies belief how the ‘brains’ behind these hazardous designs ever thought they were a good idea.

People from across the world have shared photos of bizarre inventions that would be laughable if they weren’t so treacherous.

Collated in a gallery by Bored Panda, one revealed a bottle of bleach that was designed to look like a box of cereal in Korea. 

Another image showed a slide with a loop-de-loop right at the very bottom in New Jersey that was so dangerous it was closed almost immediately after its completion.

And one showed a staircase with decorative rocks that are bound to be a stumbling hazard, especially if you’re heading to bed in the dark… 

In the US, one man found this picture of a staircase laden with several rocks, making it a stumbling hazard 

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You’d better check twice while buying cereal in Korea, because this box actually contains bleach

You’d have to be a master behind the wheel if this was your driveway! This garage entrance is unlikely to pass a health and safety risk assessment

A vintage advert shows a woman held in place by a handcuff system designed to deter jokers from setting off fire alarms when it’s not an emergency – it surely wouldn’t work too well if there really was a fire… 

One person from Denmark made fun of this hidden car garage propped on a lift, saying it would be dangerous if someone decided to park their car above it – as shown here 

Slippery slope! Would you dare take a bath in this house, where climbing out could send you tumbling down the stairs? 

This wheelchair ramp believed to be located in the US is so steep there’s no way it’s possible to go up it – while going down would be treacherous

People were not surprised when this slide was closed shortly after it opened at Action Park in New Jersey 

In the US, one person pointed out how dangerous mixing bouncing balls and gumballs in the same jar was 

Someone pointed out that fake snow made from the toxic substance asbestos could be purchased in the 1930s

A razor blade brand in Mexico chose an unfortunate name to put on their packages, while saying they were ‘satisfaction guaranteed’ 

You’d better not slip! One person from California said they had to be extra careful when delivering some food to this house which had a pathway over a pond

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