Person tries to sell wrecked car for £5k – saying it has a couple of scratches

We all know that if you're selling a car second-hand that it may not be in perfect condition.

However, one vehicle owner who was trying to sell their Kia Picanto on app Depop seemed ridiculously optimistic (and a bit deluded) as they described the car with "a couple of scratches".

Epecially as the photo they used to advertise the car saw it upturned after an accident.

The red vehicle was seen laying on its roof after what appeared to be a crash, with an ambulance in the background.

This had caused its back windows and wing mirrors to be smashed and there were also scratches on the paintwork.

Trying to flog the vehicle, the seller captioned the photo: "Selling brand new Kia Picanto.

"Perfect first car, drives smoothly and accelerates gracefully.

"I won't lie, it has got a couple of scratches, silly me.

"But other than that, it's in perfect condition, hence the reasonable price."

They price the car at £5,000 as they labelled the condition as "used", but "excellent".

A screenshot of the post has since gone viral on Twitter, racking up hundreds of likes.

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People couldn't believe the audacity of the seller as one exclaimed: "What the f**k?"

The post comes after another Depop seller went viral this week for selling "hand-distressed" Levi jeans.

The pink jeans, or what was left of them, were advertised in the US for the hefty price tag of $120 (£87).

But people joked that it looked like fictional villain Freddy Krueger had been at them as they barely had any material left.

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