Photo of weird creature leaves people wondering what on earth it is

What on earth is THAT? Photo of weird creature leaves people wondering if it is a dog, a pig or even the fabled Chupacabra

  • The illusion has gone viral on Reddit as users were left confused by the animal 
  • It’ll have you staring at it for ages as the creature’s not what it seems to be at first
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Twisted folds of flesh and fur, its haunting eye glaring. What on earth is this vision of horror?

It could be a dog, though its goat-like features and snout suggest some cruel experiment could be the parent of this writhing beast.

Some have even likened the animal to the mythical Chupacabra – a vampire-like prowler that devours livestock then drinks its blood.  

Keep looking at this optical illusion… what do you think it really is? (Answer below)  

The strange optical illusion has gone viral on Reddit, as netizens were left confused, with many users saying that it took them ‘many seconds’ to figure out what it is

The picture has been doing the rounds on the social media site after the original user posted the picture with this caption – confusing other redditors even more

The strange optical illusion has gone viral on social media leaving onlookers confused. 

It has been doing the rounds on Reddit after a user posted the image with the caption: ‘I was checking out this dog, goat, pig, hybrid Chupacabra looking animal thing for way too long before I realised it…’

And people on the site were left as equally confused, with one writing: ‘I see a scary pig. I don’t like this.’

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Another said: ‘Weirdness lies in the eye of the beholder.’

While a third put: ‘Took me many seconds.’

And a fourth added: ‘That’s great, thank you. Took a while for me to see it.’

While another posted said: ‘I’ve got it for a second then it disappears again.’ 

If you’ve not figured it out, we’ll let you in on what it is. 

Try turning your phone or your head  clockwise. The image should begin to make sense.

Can you see it? 

It is no distored beast after all. It is in fact a dog looking upwards, with its ear folded back – making it look somewhat like a snout.

And the thing that looks like the goat’s ear, with a black tip, is the dog’s nose. 

What seems to be a pig’s nose with a ring through it is actually the dog’s ear. 

The pup itself is laying with its head turned to the other side of its body, adding to the illusion.

After having the mind-boggling illusion explained, Reddit users were grateful.

This odd-looking creature, captured in Ukraine in June 2016, was believed by villagers to be the mythical Chupacabra – the vampire-like livestock predator 

Now do you see it? You’re looking at a dog… not a goat or a pig 

One person wrote: ‘Thankful it wasn’t a hybrid.’

And someone else put: ‘Thank you, now I don’t need eye bleach.’ 

While another wrote that they cannot get accustomed to seeing the real animal, saying: ‘Weirdly, unlike most such things, I still keep flipping back to the initial view even after seeing the real.’ 

A second person also said: ‘The real bonkers part is that even once you see it correctly, it still goes back to a goat pig immediately.’ 

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