Primark is launching a website where you can check their item stock

Primark is FINALLY launching a new website where customers can check which items are available in stores (but it won’t be ready until 2022!)

  • Primark has announced new website to check availability will launch in 2022
  • This will allow shoppers to check the stock of Primark stores near them 
  • However, the retail giant is yet to announce a delivery system for online fans 

Primark has announced it will introduce a website that allows customers to check their stock availability in stores. 

The new function, which is set to debut next year, will save British customers unnecessary trips to the retail store and will allow them to see if the item they’ve set their eyes on is in stock in the nearest shop. 

The news was announced as part of the brand’s latest trading update, according to The Sun.

It comes after Primark announced its global revenue surged to £1.6billion after covid-19 regulations were eased.  

Primark has announced its British customers will be able to check item availability in stores from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to a website that will be launched in 2022 (pictured, a Primark shop in Birmingham)

Finding the top you saw online in the store can sometimes feel like a seek-and-find puzzle for shoppers, and some will have to try the next nearest store in order to bag their coveted tops, trousers or accessories.  

But the new website should make the hunt for that perfect item easier, allowing shoppers to know exactly what is in store and where.  

The trading update read: ‘The improved functionality of the website will allow us to showcase a much larger proportion of the Primark range and provide to customers range availability by store. 

The retail giant is yet to introduce a delivery system. In 2021, after covid-19 regulations were eased, Primark recorded a global £1.6billion in sales (pictured: people queuing to get into a Primark store)

However, while they’ll have the option to purchase a Primark gift card, shoppers still will not be able to order online from the retail giant, and will have to come physically to the store to buy. 

Currently, Primark’s website shows some of the new arrivals at the store, but shoppers have to take their chances heading to the store to find out if they’ll still be in stock there. 

Primark has hit a record £1.6billion in sales after Covid-19 restrictions were eased with shoppers ditching lockdown leisurewear for new clothes.

Associated British Foods (ABF) – the owner of the high street retailer – revealed the record was reached in the 16 weeks to June 19, ‘reflecting an increase in both confidence and willingness to spend by our customers’.

The discount fashion business also saw like-for-like sales rise by three per cent against pre-pandemic levels from the same quarter two years ago.

Primark started the quarter with only one in five stores trading due to pandemic regulations, with all of its stores now reopened.

The group said it was particularly buoyed by ‘pent-up demand in the early weeks after reopening’ and is expecting trading to steady now restrictions have been significantly eased. 

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