Prince George is world’s most popular royal child – can cope with the media spotlight

Prince George and Princess Charlotte fight over morning music

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Prince George was born on July 22, 2013, to Kate Middleton and Prince William. He was the first born son to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, making him a future King-in-waiting. Prince George features in 693,353 Instagram hashtags and pulls in over 200,000 Google searches a month, making him the most searched for and Instagrammed royal child of 2021 according to Design Bundles.

The eight-year-old son of William and Kate splits his time between a lavish four-storey apartment at Kensington Palace and his parents’ sprawling country home of Anmer Hall in Norfolk.

The Duchess of Cambridge, a global fashion icon herself, dresses Prince George in beautifully crafted outfits, from red shorts by Rachel Riley to knitwear by Ralph Lauren.

Prince George’s clothes often include a nod to royal tradition, for example, he is often seen wearing shorts, which is the expectation for aristocratic boys until they become older.

The research, by Design Bundles, calculated global Google searches and Instagram hashtags for the most popular royal children in the world, to see which one had the biggest influence.

A spokesperson for Design Bundles commented exclusively on the findings for

They said: “Royal Families around the world are aspirational for so many reasons, with their status, mystery, and wealth making them an endless source of fascination and inspiration.

“We want to know everything about them, from the brands of their children’s clothes to their childrearing habits and the ways in which their family traditions are like and unlike our own.

“The fact that Prince George, at eight-years-old, already has such a massive online influence as the world’s most popular royal child, is a precursor to the fascination he will elicit as he grows up and ascends the throne.

“However, his mother Kate Middleton’s focus on the importance of early childhood development (she launched her own Centre for Early Childhood in 2021) will ensure that Prince George has a healthy, loving, and balanced start to life.

“This will allow him to cope with the media spotlight as he prepares to become King.”

Princess Charlotte is the second most popular royal child according to the research, with five times the Instagram hashtags and searches than the average for all royal children on the list.

Princess Charlotte, along with brother Prince George, attends the £6,591 a year St Thomas’s Battersea Preparatory school in London.

The young Princess, fourth in line to the throne, bears a fascinating resemblance to the most iconic women in her family.

This includes the classic head-tilt resembling her late grandmother Princess Diana, to her sweet and intense expression, just like the Queen.

In third place is Prince Louis, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child.

Just three-years-old, the Prince already has a serious online presence, raking in nearly triple the average Instagram hashtags and Google searches of all royal offspring surveyed.

The fourth most popular royal child is Archie Harrison, the two-year-old son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Lilibet Diana Mountbatten Windsor, the second child of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, is already one of the most influential royal children in the world at six months old.

Meghan and Harry have not yet released a photo of Lilibet Diana, who is named after the childhood nickname of Queen Elizabeth.

But the fascination with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex is such that baby Lili already pulls in 42,000 searches a month and has 10,300 Instagram hashtags to her name.

The other five royals to make the top 10 for most popular royal children, were Princess Leonor of Spain, Savannah Phillips, Isla Phillips, Lena Tindall, and Princess Amalia of the Netherlands.

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