Professional cleaner reveals the thing she'd 'NEVER' have in her house

Professional cleaner reveals the one thing she’d NEVER have in her house because it’s a ‘nightmare’ to keep tidy

  • Aussie cleaning sensation shares the one thing she’d never have in her house
  • She believes invisible linear shower drains are a ‘nightmare to clean’
  • The professional cleaner runs a successful TikTok page for cleaning hacks
  • She shared a video of a filthy invisible shower drain: ‘They trap everything’
  • The cleaner has previously shared other features that are disastrous for cleaning 

An Australian professional cleaner has explained why invisible linear shower drains are the one thing she would never have in her house because they ‘impossible’ to keep clean.

The cleaner, who goes by @cleanlikeapro on TikTok, shared a video of herself attempting to clean a filthy shower drain in someone else’s home.

‘These shower drains are the worst. I would never have these in my home. They are a nightmare to clean,’ she said.

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An Australian professional clearer and TikTok sensation shares the one thing she would never have in her house is invisible linear shower drains

‘Brace yourself. Here’s another thing I will never have in my house from the perspective of a professional cleaner. These drains… oh my! I actually have no words.

‘They just trap everything and as you can see there is a full head of hair in this drain, amongst other things. These drains need to be cleaned on a regular basis, because if they don’t, you get this.

‘I can imagine that this shower would have water pooling in the bottom of it badly.’

The cleaner went through step-by-step instructions on how to clean the drain:

‘To clean this one we actually took it outside because it was pretty bad. Firstly we scraped all the excess off,’ she said.

‘Once all the excess was gone we then gave it a spray and we polished it up,’ the cleaner said.

Aussies were quick to share their disgust at the video.

‘That is shocking,’ one woman said.

‘My new rental has it in the ensuite, have to clean it every week to keep the hair out,’ another commented.

Some were surprised that type of drain wasn’t easier to clean.

‘Doesn’t that make it easier to clean? All drains get that scuzz, but at least that can be pulled apart and seen,’ one user asked.

However the cleaner commented: ‘Nope, they aren’t easier. They just trap everything. They are gross.’ 

‘They may look pretty from the outside, but this is what is lurking beneath,’ said the cleaner about the drains. She had to bring the drain outside to get it clean


Do you have any of these difficult items in your house?

Do you have any of these difficult items in your house?

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The professional cleaner often shares tips, hacks, products and transformations on her popular account.

Previously she explained why she hates corner cupboards in her client’s homes.

‘Honestly, for the life of me I have no clue why anyone thought this would be a good idea,’ the cleaner commented. 

‘You literally have to be a contortionist to be able to clean inside a cupboard like this.

‘Once again these designers or builders are trying to be fancy, but in the real world this just doesn’t work.

‘That’s coming from a cleaner who see it all the time.’

Another thing the cleaner would never have in her home is corner cupboards, especially if they have a spinning cabinet carousel inside

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