Puppy abandoned on street with heartbreaking note from ‘brave owner’

An animal shelter has described the heart-wrenching moment they were met with a sad surprise while opening their doors one morning. 

Abandoned outside the shelter was an eight-and-a-half-month-old puppy, named Milo, accompanied by a handwritten note left by his owner.

As the Good Samaritans assessed the situation they came to discover that the pup was left by its human for the sake of his well-being. 

Their hearts sank further as they learned that the owner was forced to hand over his puppy to another caretaker because he was homeless. 

The note also listed several activities that Milo loves, such as chewing bones, naps, and cuddling buddies, as well as essential background information about the pup’s health.

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The dog had was with a heartbreaking note: “To whom it may concern, please do not judge me on this single act alone.

“I am simply a human trying to do what is best for my puppy. I am homeless and cannot fulfill the duties needed to care for him.

“I have tried rehoming him and searching for fosters. I cannot support him or myself. This is the only way I know you can take him and he’s safe. He’s a sweetheart and very well-mannered and trained.”

LifeLine Animal Project Animal in Atlanta, Georgia, eventually decided to write a letter to the homeless owner to let them know the pup was in safe hands.

It read: “We found your dog right where you left him in a space where he wouldn’t get hit by a car or harmed when wandering freely in search of sanctuary.

“What a brave act of self-sacrifice to risk scorn and judgment while trying to do what was best for Milo, to make sure that he would be safe, would be able to get veterinary care, and would have food, water, and a roof over his head.”

Dog ownership comes with a lifetime of responsibility, but owners are sometimes left with no choice but to leave their pets for the sake of their welfare.

This is a harsh reality for pet owners facing homelessness who cannot afford veterinary care and support services, giving rise to a complex crisis.

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