Queen Elizabeth looks up at Lady Louise with utter delight – shows quiet dedication

The Queen's face lights up as Lady Louise rides Philip's carriage

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Lady Louise Windsor, 18, is one of the Queen’s youngest grandchildren. She has become much more high profile since her grandfather’s death last year, with whom she was very close. The late Prince Philip taught Louise how to drive horse carriages, and the 18-year-old even participated in the Royal Windsor Horse Show this year.

She drove the Duke of Edinburgh’s own horse carriage in a touching nod to her late grandfather.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the young royal in pictures from when she was very young to much more recently as an 18-year-old.

She said: “Lady Louise’s body language throws out some intriguing suggestions that the young woman who has for so long been described as ‘shy’ and rather retiring might actually be anything but.

“Since being promoted into a rather more front-line royal role we seem to be seeing a young woman who is both smart and sporty.

“Despite her keenness to adopt a more low-key approach when she’s learning on the job at more public or formal royal events, she might actually possess some of the dry humour and relaxed confidence of royals like Princess Anne and her father Prince Philip.”

What was she like as a child?

Judi commented: “Sitting in a carriage with Prince Harry when she was younger, we can see a small girl who is already happy to smile out at the fans and produce a confident-looking wave.

“Walking with her much older cousins Beatrice and Eugenie at a later event there seems to be no attempt from them to fuss over or to protect Louise.

“She walked with confidence in the middle of the two women with a large spacial area on either side, wearing an outfit that looks firmly chic and rather cool,” the expert noted.

Judi added: “Like her aunt Anne though, Louise seems to prefer a very natural look to the kind of super-smart styling of a royal like Kate.

“She looks happiest in tweeds and jeans with boots and this would suggest personality bonding with both Anne and the Queen, as well as her royal mentor Prince Philip.

“Louise shared his passion for carriage-driving and Philip was always keen to catch up with his grandchild at Royal Family outings.”

Are the Queen and Louise particularly close?

Judi explained: “Like Philip, Louise seems to be easily able to make the Queen laugh and her look of utter delight and good humour as she looks up at Louise suggests a strong but also relaxed and easy-going relationship.

“The other side of Louise though is shown via her signals of quiet dedication and respect for her royal role and duties.”

What is her relationship like with Sophie, Countess of Wessex?

Judi said: “Her bonds with her mother Sophie look strong and the pair will often be seen standing close together and mirroring each other.

“Part of the reasons for this mirroring seems to be Louise’s keenness to use her mother as a role model.

“Sophie has shown herself to be a popular royal with both the Firm and the public and we can see from Louise’s close mirroring that she would be proud to be seen in a similar way.

“After Philip’s death, she stood between her parents but slightly back from them to form a triangle shape of a family united in grief.

“Her pose was identical to both her father and her mother’s and this reflected a sense of professional unity as royals but also emotional unity as a family.”

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