Rare Jay-Z D’usse Cognac Bottle Fetches $52,500

When Jay-Z created his D’usse cognac brand, he was laser-focused on ensuring this was a high-end bottle that could never be duplicated. This bottle is now making the headlines and generating worldwide attention, as it has just sold for a whopping $52,500 at an auction in New York, with all proceeds being donated to charity.

Many years ago, Jay-Z and D’usse’s cellar master Michel Casavecchia decided to preserve this bottle for a special occasion, realizing the very unique features and contents were worthy of more than just daily consumption. The bottle is called “Bottle No. 1” and is part of the D’USSÉ 1969 Anniversaire Limited Edition.

Jay-Z revealed to All Hip Hop that he knew he had to one day honor it by doing something that would “celebrate its singularity,”and went on to describe the high quality of the bottle by saying that; “once that barrel is emptied, there’s no way the liquid can be recreated.”

This is a special bottle indeed…

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It’s not every day that a bottle of cognac is auctioned for this much money, and once the details of this bottle are uncovered, it’s easy to see why it was so quick to net such a significant dollar value.

Everything about this bottle screams opulence, exclusivity, and luxury, and it’s definitely reserved for someone that can appreciate its value. The stunning bottle of special edition cognac is like no other. In fact, the precious foil around the neck of the bottle is made of 24-carat gold leaf, which in itself is an artistic wonder. For those that like some bling with their drink, there is a diamond decanter design on the leather box in which this bottle is presented.

Perhaps even more priceless is the fact that Jay-Z’s signature is engraved right in to this bottle, making the value of this bottle surge to even greater heights.

There is great symbolism and meaning involved, too. When Jay-Z turned 50 years old, in 2019, only 50 of these bottles were made, to celebrate this milestone birthday. There were 49 bottles distributed to his closest friends and family members, and this is the only one that was reserved for a special occasion and just recently put up for public auction.

The person that purchased this incredible bottle remains unidentified, but the money they spent on it will go towards a wonderful cause. Hot New Hip Hop reveals that; “proceeds will go to The Shawn Carter Foundation, helping young professionals and recent college graduates looking to launch their own businesses.”

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