Sex with my boyfriend doesn't last and he only wants to please himself

DEAR DEIDRE: OUR sex life is rubbish.

My boyfriend wants to please himself then offers to please me on a separate day.

We met at 18, when we were at college, and have been together for two years.

There are lots of good things about our relationship but the sex is not one of them.

It only lasts a few minutes. When I try to talk about it, he makes me feel bad by turning away and saying: “Sorry my sex isn’t good enough.”

I know sex is not the be-all and end -all of a relationship but I am having negative thoughts about us.

Your boyfriend feels embarrassed and defensive.

Tell him you love getting sexy with him and it is normal for couples to take time getting fully in tune with one another.

Say you want to prolong the pleasure with lots of sex-play before intercourse.

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