Shoppers who bring whole family are the worst – do it while theyre at school

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    Many parents find it hard to concentrate on the food shop while taking their kids along with them.

    A lot of youngsters like to grab things from the shelves – and have a tantrum if they don't get what they want – which can leave mums and dads frazzled as they browse the aisles.

    And as well as causing drama for parents, kids in supermarkets also annoy many other shoppers, according to consumer experts.

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    The team at have identified the "seven worst types of shoppers" when it comes to visiting the supermarket – and parents who 'bring the whole family' have made it to number four on the list.

    On making a supermarket trip a family affair, the experts said: "Bringing more than three people shopping can make queues appear longer and increase the likelihood of aisles being blocked for other customers to walk down.

    "Try to avoid bringing the whole family along, if childcare is an issue try popping to the shops while the kids are at school."

    The number one gripe on the list was slow walkers, followed by 'trolley blockers' – e.g. the person who was brought along just to push the trolley who often 'stands and blocks the aisle.'

    Queue pushers were also named and shamed, as were last minute shoppers and people who stare at the shelves too long.

    Talking about these bad shopping etiquette fails, Rebecca Bebbington, online consumer expert at said: “We’ve all had a time where we’ve been shopping in the supermarket and encountered people with bad supermarket etiquette.

    “Shopping is stressful enough for many Brits, who are walking in and noticing prices rising on their typical basket of goods.

    “And to top it all off, they have to encounter the worst types of shoppers out there, from slow walkers to people blocking the aisles with their trolleys.

    “With prices on the rise, we should be making shopping as stress free as possible for each other so we’ve broken down seven behaviours that don’t align with the correct supermarket etiquette.”

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