Simple lifestyle hack 'boosts a man's performance in bed', scientists discover | The Sun

EXERCISE boosts men’s performance in the bedroom, scientists say.

A review of studies found workouts are as good as medicines for some embarrassing issues.

Half of men over 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation, wreaking havoc on their sex lives.

Research shows regular workouts increase testosterone, strengthen pelvic muscles and raise energy levels, which all boost prowess.

They also leave blokes feeling more confident and less anxious.

Experts say doctors should help men to get fit instead of relying on medicines.

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Professor Lee Smith, from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, said: “Pharmacological interventions will always have a role to play but having more options will be welcome.”

Luke Pratsides, medical chief at men’s health firm Numan, added: “You need a holistic approach to solve sexual dysfunction.

“That includes medical treatments, physical activity, nutrition and mental health support all together.

“There’s no need for any embarrassment or shame – these are common problems.”

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Men are more likely to struggle in the sack if they smoke or drink too much, are out of shape or have other mental or physical health issues.

The team reviewed hundreds of past studies and said there are “promising results” on the effects of exercise but more specific trials are needed.

They said running can lower the risk of premature ejaculation even more than medication and pelvic floor strength training banishes erection troubles.

A recent study by Jagiellonian University in Poland revealed losing weight left obese men more satisfied with their sex lives.

Writing in the journal Trends in Urology & Men’s Health, Prof Lee Smith added: “Although physical activity is not officially recommended, we highly recommend it for the prevention and management of male sexual dysfunction, and specifically erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido.”

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