Skint carer rakes in £2,000 a month by stripping to feed her three kids

A "skint" carer who was struggling to support her three children is raking in £2,000 a month by taking her kit off.

Bec Smith was on a £400-a-month salary from her job supporting people in the community, and it was barely enough to cover her bills.

The mum, 32, would constantly be in debt and the situation was so stressful she hardly slept a wink at night.

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Bec now performs virtually on the StunnerZ website as she was constantly worrying that she wouldn't be able to feed her kids.

Since taking up stripping four nights a week a year ago, she said her life has completely changed.

She said: "It has 100% improved quality of life.

"I was down on my bills all the time, and I used to normally think ‘right which bill am I going to dodge this month’.

"That’s all changed now, and I’m always taking the kids on caravan holidays.

"We go out to more places at the weekends, and when they ask me for things I can actually say ‘yes’.

"Before I was living day-to-day – I used to get paid monthly and when my bills would go out I’d be left with nothing.

"I used to think ‘how am I and my three kids going to get by’.

"I was scraping the barrel.

"That’s why I did it – I just had nothing to lose."

Bec's experience with stripping began a year ago when she was out with a friend on a night out, and they decided to visit Katz in Basildon for a drink.

Once inside she got chatting to one of the dancers who encouraged her to give it a try.

Despite having no experience dancing, Bec’s dire financial situation weighed heavily on her mind, and she decided she had "nothing to lose".

The next day she messaged the club and its owner, Nas Mas, invited her to come down and meet the other dancers.

As little as two weeks later she worked her first night, and bagged herself £300 after all the deductions were taken into account.

This was nearly her monthly salary as a carer – working from 9am until 2pm five days a week.

She now works up to four nights a week at the club where she makes £200 on an average night, and up to £900 when a big spending client comes in.

She juggles this in addition to looking after her three kids, and working between school hours as a carer in the community.

As well as earning extra cash, the job has also given her "incredible" body confidence.

Bec added: "It has made me a lot more confident in my body.

"When I first started, I put on my outfit and I was like ‘oh my god – I can’t wear this – I’m basically naked’.

"That insecurity has all gone now and I wear what I want.

"Before I cared more about what people were thinking, but now it doesn’t even cross my mind.

"I don’t agree with people who say that strip clubs should be banned or we’re being exploited and forced to do it."

She added: "At the end of the day it is everyone’s choice and I do enjoy doing it.

"It is my time – I get to come out of that mum mode for a little while.

"I’m getting adult company and I do really enjoy it.

"It’s a social job that I’m earning money from it at the same time.

"It is knackering working until 4am and then getting up, and working as a carer the next day.

"But if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it."

Nas Mal, who runs five strip clubs including Katz as well as StunnerZ and online stripping experience, said Bec’s story shows how the industry gives lots of dancers a quality of life they would "otherwise struggle to enjoy".

He added: "We’ve loved having Bec work with us.

"She’s embraced both the virtual and traditional side of the industry, and has shown how you can juggle performing with a busy family life.

"Long may it continue."


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