Social media users share hilarious classrooms signs

That’ll teach them! Hilarious signs spotted in schools won’t fail to capture students’ attention

  • People from around the world shared the wittiest signs they’ve spotted at school 
  • One snap shows a student’s half-finished sign that ironically says ‘don’t give up’
  • Meanwhile, a science teacher’s list of planets mourns the loss of Pluto 

Teachers certainly have a challenge on their hands imparting knowledge, keeping the class under control and – often the trickiest task of all –  getting and holding their students’ attention.  

Luckily some creative minds have found a way to ensure their pupils sit up and listen, as these hilarious school signs and notices from around the world, collated in a gallery by Bored Panda, prove. 

In one witty notice involving a play on words, a teacher advised eager learners who want their course work looked at in a hurry to consult their ’emergency reader Helen Wait’, adding ‘Got to Helen Wait’.

Elsewhere, a sympathetic teacher showed exactly how much they understand that back-to-school feeling, likening it to returning to a chaotic video game that you’ve had on pause.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples…

That’s one way to keep them quiet! This US teacher made sure their students do not butt in during lessons, and revealed a liking for Jason Momoa too

It’s not all puppy love! One US teacher who’d had enough of seeing a couple canoodling on their way to another lesson reminded them that they’re not in The Notebook 

One US teacher revealed that they absolutely know the back-to-school feeling while simultaneously showing they like video games

One French school decided to hilariously teach its young men a lesson in washing hands after using the toilet

One UK English teacher who loves Shakespeare decided that Macbeth and hygeine measures to avoid Covid go hand in hand 

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A science teacher hilariously mourned the loss of Pluto after it was demoted in 2006 by the International Astronomical Union from its position as ninth planet from the sun to one of five dwarf planets’

One father from New York picked up his son from school only to discover that ‘best farter’ had been plastered on the wall for several months

You can’t all be Picasso! This encouraging diagram not only would make anyone want to pick up a paintbrush but is a welcome source of humour after a disastrous art attempt

Say what? While most definitely a tongue-in-cheek poster, for many foreign language students this is wildly true

This half-hearted attempt at colouring in a ‘don’t give up’ sign is relatable for anyone who’s had a long day at school

This US teacher knows exactly the ways to their students’ hearts—making math a relatable subject

For any impatient students, know this, Helen Waite is possibly the slowest person to read your papers…

This US music teacher is very concerned about how the students see them… very concerned indeed

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