Social media users share their Easter disasters

Choccy horror show! Social media users share hilarious snaps of melted Easter eggs, burnt hot crossed buns and VERY questionable biscuits

  • People from around the world have been sharing their hilarious Easter fails
  • Some British shoppers woke up yesterday to find their chocolate had melted
  • Others overcooked their hot crossed buns and didn’t get their cookies right
  • Do YOU have a funny Easter fail to share? Please email [email protected] 

While some had the perfect Easter Sunday full of freshly baked hot cross buns and delicious chocolate eggs, others weren’t so lucky. 

Social media users from across the globe have taken to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share their hilarious Easter fails, from burned baked goods to melted chocolate eggs.  

The blunders include a very angry looking Easter themed pancake, a chick shaped meringue that didn’t quite go to plan and an M&S chocolate egg that melted after being hidden in the loft. 

Here, FEMAIL reveals the most entertaining and unfortunate Easter fails the internet has to offer. 

Choccy horror! Dawn, from Ireland, shared this hilarious snap of chocolate left in the sunshine

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Taking the biscuit! This vegan blogger, from Germany, produced a rather wobbly Easter bunny

Angry bunny! Ami, from the UK, couldn’t help but laugh at her hilariously sinister bunny

Easter meets Halloween! Rebecca, from the US, created an evil chocolate pancake

Clucking hell! Actor Edd Campbell Bird, from south west London, shared a picture of his Easter chick meringues that didn’t exactly go to plan 

Poor Percy! Ella, from the UK, was devastated to discover her M&S Easter egg had melted while hidden in the loft 

 Careful where you leave your chocolate! Jayd, from the UK, was left with a melted bunny

Hot cross burnt! Carrie, from the UK, was left with extra crispy hot crossed buns

Egg-cellent! Andrew, from Durham, also fell foul of the unseasonably warm Easter weather

Hoping mad! This user was left with two squished faces on his Harry Hopalot chocolate

Happy Ester! Andrew, from the US, shared a picture of his Easter decorating fail 

‘It’s too late for Percy!’ Emma, from the UK, had to say goodbye to her floppy Percy Pig

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