Soleil Moon Frye Reveals Three of Her Four Children Have COVID-19, Urges Parents to Test Kids

Frye says she has no idea how her children contracted the virus and that everyone else in the family continues to test negative.

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike again across the nation to do the growing prevalence of the Delta variant, Soleil Moon Frye has an important message for parents: test your kids.

While younger children are still not eligible for the Covid vaccine, that doesn’t mean they’re not potentially susceptible to the virus itself. And yet, it may not be on the minds of many parents to consider Covid when trying to diagnose their children’s cold-like symptoms.

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Taking to her Instagram page with a picture of herself and her four children, Frye urged parents, “If your children are having symptoms, please get them tested.”

Frye has four children at home, only two who are barely old enough to get the vaccine at this point, Poet Sienna Rose (15) and Jager Joseph Blue (13). Her younger children, Lyric Sonny Roads (7) and Story (5) are not yet eligible.

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She then detailed her own experience with her son, who she thought simply had cold symptoms and perhaps a fever. “I did not know that he had Covid 19,” she admitted. “With the encouragement of our doctor I had him tested. He tested positive.”

She canceled a work trip and immediately had the rest of her kids tested, discovering that three of the four were positive for the virus.

She shared her love, respect and appreciate for frontline responders, doctors and the healthcare professionals who taught her “safety over fear,” calling them angels that surrounded her through these difficult times as a parent.

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“I have felt so many emotions these past days,” wrote Frye. “I want to protect my babies, love them, make them all better, take away the burning fever and tummy aches. I have tried to smile through the fear and nurture them. I have shed many tears.”

At the same time, she said it has made her thankful for her family’s overall health and well being. “I know how incredibly fortunate we are,” she wrote. “My kids have been able to heal together and support each other through this, we have a doctor we trust and hospitals close by. We are able to lean on one another.”

She went on to add, “My heart breaks for the lives that have been lost and knowing how so many do not have the same things that we have or the chance to be with their loved ones throughout this.”

She spoke of the mysteriousness of her kids contracting it, using it as a way to urge others to be safe and be vigilant. Don’t just take cold or flu-like symptoms as an assumption it is one or the other. The delta variant is far more contagious, so better to be tested and know what you’re dealing with than infected and have no idea.

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