Sorry, but We'll Never Stop Talking About Hello Peril's Epic Tunes in Always Be My Maybe

Sorry, but We’ll Never Stop Talking About Hello Peril’s Epic Tunes in Always Be My Maybe

When you stream an original Netflix movie, the last thing you probably expect is to hear original songs performed by the cast on the soundtrack. But that’s exactly what Always Be My Maybe has done. The movie features not one but three entirely original tracks, performed by the in-universe band Hello Peril. The band features prominently in the movie’s plot, as the long-running gig of leading man Marcus (Randall Park) that makes use of Park’s real-life comic rap skills. Even better, the songs actually play into the movie’s plot: within the world of the movie, they’re all written by Marcus himself and connect to the awkward high jinks he and his band go through. From the hilarious running gag “Tennis Ball” to the gleeful “I Punched Keanu Reeves,” check out all three of the original tracks ahead.

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