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SQUISHMALLOWS have become hugely popular in the UK in recent years, so much so that almost everyone is searching for the best squishmallow deals to secure the plush toys for less.

Squishmallows make for a great gift for children, so if you want to know where to shop the best squishmallow deals, including giant squishmallows, we have you covered.

What is a Squishmallow?

Squishmallows are squashy plush kids' toys that come in a range of sizes, and there are over 800 different characters to choose from.

Many characters are extremely rare and sought after by Squishy super-fans, with only a limited number produced.

They're deemed to be safe for children of all ages, made from non-toxic polyester and with no small parts or choking hazards.

They're also a great stress reliever for kids, providing a little friend for kids to cuddle up with watching TV on the sofa or with a story at bedtime.

But which Squishmallows should you choose? Here's a roundup of our favourites and where to buy them.

  • Shop Squishmallows at John Lewis – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Selfridges – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Amazon – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Argos – here

Where to buy the best Squishmallow deals?

Squishmallow toys are the hottest product for children, no matter what character or size.

Squismallows are not only a great toy for children to snuggle up to, and use as a pacifier, but to also use in their own role-play situations – picture the Squishmallows that came to tea.

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Squishmallows are available to shop online and in stores, from the likely culprits, including Amazon, John Lewis, Symths Toys, and Claires, plus many more retailers.

Check out these current discounts and deals on Squishmallows in the UK:

  1. Original Squishmallows 19cm Assortment 3 for 2, £8.99 at Smyths – buy here
  2. Squishmallows 16" Soft Toy – Nathanial the Black & White Dog buy one get second half price, £25from The Toyshop – buy here
  3. Squishmallows 10-inch – Drew the Mint Dragon, £13 or 2 for £20 from Argos – buy here
  4. Squishmallows Original 7.5-Inch Lester Green Jack-O'-Lantern Latte, £8.99 save 5% on Amazon – buy here
  5. Squishmallows™ Soft Notebook, £8 (was £16) from Claires – buy here
  6. 2″ Squishmallow – Sugar Glider, £13.49 (Was £17.99) – save 25% – from Toystreet – buy here
  7. Squishmallows 16 Inch Plush Cam The Calico Cat, £21.99 – Save 10% when spend over £40 using code "NURSERY10" from Boots – buy here

Squishmallows 10-inch – Drew the Mint Dragon

Drew The Mint Dragon in its 10-inch form is currently available to shop at Argos, as well as other soft Squishmallow toys, much to our delight.

Argos currently has a deal on Squishmallows so shoppers can buy two plush toys for £20, which makes a saving of around £6, depending on which Squishmallow you purchase.

This deal on Squishmallows at Argos is not to be missed, especially if your child is collecting the entire Squishmallow family.

The 2 for £20 deal is only available on select Squishmallows though, and unfortunately, the offer excludes the Squishmallows 20-inch Mipsy the Green Axolotl, which retails for £50.

  • Squishmallows 10-inch – Drew the Mint Dragon, £13 from Argos – buy here

Squishmallows 10-inch Siamese The Cat

Argos not only has the 2 for £20 deal on select Squishmallow toys, but it also stocks exclusive designs you can't shop anywhere else.

One of those products that ticks both boxes is the Squishmallow 10-inch Siamese The Cat, which is included in the 2 for £20 deal and is only available to shop at Argos while stock lasts.

Plus, shoppers can secure 13 points with this shop, which can be redeemed on future purchases, or petrol, so you are banking numerous deals in one shop.

Siamese The Cat is created from the same ultra-soft fabric, and soft filling as other Squishmallows, but has the addition of super soft fabric ears, which makes for the ideal cuddling companion for kids.

  • Squishmallows 10-inch – Siamese The Cat, £13 from Argos – buy here

Squishmallows Cookie The Pink Flamingo 12" Plush Soft Toy

The Cookie The Pink Flamingo Squishmallow is a great addition to anyone's Squishmallow collection.

The vibrant mottled pink body, combined with the fluffy wings provides all the soft textures for children to delight over.

While The Pink Flamingo may not be on sale or part of an offer as such, our research has found this is the most affordable as other retailers are selling Cookie for £24.99 and above.

With that in mind, the sub £20 price tag is super reasonable in our opinion.

But, of course, you will need to shop quickly before this plush toy sells out thanks to the affordable price tag.

  • Squishmallows Cookie The Pink Flamingo 12" Plush Soft Toy, £17.99 from John Lewis – buy here

Squishmallows 20-Inch Beula Octopus Pet Bed 

Squishmallow toys and props are not just for kids to play with but for your pets too.

Squishmallow has created a super plush Pet Bed so your furry friend can snuggle down in the soft bed after a long day playing fetch.

The pet bed is available to shop in two sizes, including 20-inch, as well as the larger 30-inch pet bed.

What we love about this design is not only can your pets snuggle in the centre, but the octopus tentacles make for soft pillows for your pet to rest on outside if they want to rest their head ever so slightly on the bed without getting in, which we know some pets tend to do.

  • Squishmallows 20-Inch Beula Octopus Pet Bed, £60.55 from Amazon – buy here

Squishmallows Disney – Mike Wazowski

  • Squishmallows Disney – Mike Wazowski, £26.99 (Was £29.99) at Very – buy here

From Buzz Lightyear and Nemo to Tigger and Mickey Mouse, there's a great range of Squishmallows for your favourite Disney movie characters.

In a super-bright green with one big goggly eye, we can't resist this Mike Wazowski squishmallow from Disney Pixar hit, Monsters Inc.

Plus, if you like this, you can also pick up a Squishmallow for his best monster pal Sulley.

This Squishmallow is a 14-inch design, so measures just over 30cm in width and height and 20cm in depth.

It is made of super soft exterior fabric, with the addition of textured horns, and memory-foam like filling that is huggable yet will not lose its shape.

Squishville Mystery Mini Assorted

  • Squishville Mystery Mini Assorted, £5 from Tesco – buy here

This design is great for gifting, especially for those shopping stocking fillers.

In a mystery Squishmallows egg, you get a 2-inch Squishmallow, plus a matching fashion accessory.

There are 24 different designs to collect – but you won't know which one you'll get until you open the egg.

Tesco website has stressed if you would like a specific Squishmallow it may not be guaranteed but you can still request it in the picker notes, which are at the checkout.

The site reads: "Please note that the products shown are an assortment, you could receive any one of the products shown, to make a request for a preference please use the picker notes available on checkout."


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Squishmallows Fuzz-A-Mallows 40cm Avery the Mallard Duck

  • Squishmallows Fuzz-A-Mallows 40cm Avery the Mallard Duck, £24.99 from Smiths Toys – buy here

The animal Squishmallows are super cute, especially Avery the Mallard Duck.

Unlike typical Squishmallows, the Mallard Duck is a Fuzz-A-Mallow, which means it has more of a fluffy exterior texture than the soft velvet-like feel of the typical Squishmallow.

Each Squishmallow comes with its own personality and back story shown on its hangtag – and Avery is a "skilled left wingman for the 'Mallows rugby team, and one day, he wants to be a coach", and wherever Avery goes, the family is nearby.

This extra-cuddly Squishmallow is a good size for cuddling at 40cm and would make a great new addition to your child's collection.

Squishmallows™ 12'' Series 2 Flip-A-Mallows Soft Toy

  • Squishmallows™ 12'' Series 2 Flip-A-Mallows Soft Toy, £8.50 (Was £10) at Claire's  – buy here

If your child can't decide which Squishmallow to go for, why not get a Flip-a-Mallows soft toy?

These mini Squishmallows are reversible so you can watch them switch between two cuddly characters in one easy flip! This creation technically means you are getting two Squishmallows for the price of one.

Order online for one surprise design, or visit your local Claire's store to select your own.

But you will want to shop quickly as Claire's has reduced the price of the 12-inch design from £10 to £8.50, which is one of the most affordable prices for the beloved squishmallow toys we have seen.

Squishmallows Squishville Mystery Squad

  • Squishville by Squishmallows 2in Mystery Squad (6-pack), £37.99 from Amazon – buy here

Squishville mystery squads are all your favourite Squishmallow characters in a miniature size measuring two inches.

Citrus fruits are one of the most popular Squishmallow ranges.

The bundle includes a total of six Squishmallows, which includes you get two mystery mini-mallows for that extra element of surprise with this purchase.

Amazon also has Squishville mini Squishmallows for the Fantasy, Farm and Rainbow Dream squads, with the former coming in at an affordable £17.79.

While you can gift the entire collection to a little one, you can also separate them and gift them as individual stocking fillers come Christmas.

Squishmallows Chill Fleece Blanket

  • Squishmallows Chill Fleece Blanket, £16 from Very – buy here

Squishmallow fans are sure to love this Squishmallow Chill Fleece Blanket to snuggle up in.

Not only will this blanket keep them snug and warm, but it can also be used as a comforter.

The blanket features an array of familiar characters, including a unicorn, fox, hedgehog, cat and owl.

This Squishmallow Blanket is made from super soft flannel fleece, which is not only insulating, and soft to the touch, but breathable.

It measures 100cm in width and 150cm in depth and can be draped over the duvet for extra warmth come to bed time, or thrown over a sofa or seat for a fun decoration.

Squishmallows 16 Inch Plush Cam The Calico Cat

  • Squishmallows 16 Inch Plush Cam The Calico Cat, £21.99 from Boots – buy here

Boots stock a whole host of products, including children's toys, and yes, that means Squishmallows.

There is an array of toys to shop from the Squishmallow range, from miniature designs and bundles to larger cuddly toys.

The 16-inch Plush Cam The Calico Cat is the perfect addition to anyone's collection as it is braced for winter with the adorable bobble hat, which features a soft fluffy ball on top that makes for a fun texture for your kid to play with.

But the best part is Boots is offering shoppers 10% off select items when they spend over £40 using the code "NURSERY10" at the checkout.Guess what? This Squishmallow toy is included in the deal.

How much do Squishmallows cost?

There's a huge range in sizes of Squishmallows, ranging from two inches to 24 inches, and therefore prices of Squishmallows will vary.

You can get a Squishmallows keychain for as little as £6 – but the big 20-inch (50cm) Squishmallows can be £50 – such as Faisah the Pegasus at Smiths Toys or Drow the Purple Dragon at Argos.

Limited edition toys, or new releases, may come with a slightly more expensive price tag, but there are also plenty of deals so you can shop the range without breaking the bank.

What is the most popular Squishmallow?

With over 800 Squishmallows, the popularity of different characters is always changing.

But Disney characters and Hello Kitty Squishmallows are always popular – along with squads such as the fantasy squad and fruit squad.

Star Wars character Squishmallows are also really popular, as well as Toy Story variations.

Some love the smaller two-inch Squishmallow as they are pocket-sized and ideal for days on the go when your child needs a little something to play with that is not obscene in size.

Most children can be tactile and enjoy the different textures, which is where Fuzz-A-Mallow items can be a big hit.

What is the biggest Squishmallow?

Squishmallows come in a variety of sizes and the biggest is the jumbo, which is 24 inches (60cm).

However, there are fewer of these larger designs to buy in the UK.

The next size down is 20 inches (50cm), which is more commonly available at toy stores such as Amazon, Smyths Toys and The Entertainer.

Can you wash Squishmallows?

The manufacturer doesn't recommend machine-washing Squishmallows as it can affect the texture and 'squishiness' but instead suggests spot cleaning.

However, many Squishmallow customers claim that you can wash Squishmallows on a cold wash in the machine without damaging them – ideally in a pillowcase to protect the toy.

It's important however not to put a Squishmallow in the tumble dryer as it may burn it – let it air dry instead.

Where can I buy Squishmallows in the UK?

Squishmallows are available to buy at a number of UK toy shops, department stores and even supermarkets both online and in store.

Some retailers may also stock Squishmallow designs exclusive to a store and nowhere else.

Largely, though, you can shop a variety of Squishmallow toys from retailers including John Lewis, Selfridges, Amazon, Very, Smyths, The Works, and other stores.

Squishmallows often sell out during popular periods, especially in the lead-up to Christmas, which is to be expected so if you see a bargain deal we recommend snapping it up quickly.

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We've found a selection of stockists you can shop Squishmallows at to make your shopping spree a little easier.

  • Shop Squishmallows at John Lewis – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Selfridges – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Amazon – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Very – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Claire's – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at The Entertainer – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Tesco – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at The Works – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Smyths – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Argos – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Boots – here
  • Shop Squishmallows at Harrods – here

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